[INTERNATIONAL SONG REVIEW] Nuclear Blast Records BRUJERIA Single Covid-666

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ARTIST: Brujeria
RELEASE DATE: 26 June 2020
COUNTRY: United States
CITY: Los Angeles
GENRE: Deathgrind metal


Juan Brujo (John Lepe) – Vocals
Pinche Peach – Vocals, Samples
Fantasma (Pat Hoed) – Vocals, Bass
El Cynico (Jeffrey Walker) – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Hongo (Shane Embury) – Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Programming
Podrido (Adrian Erlandsson) – Drums
La Bruja Encabronada (Jessica Pimentel) – Backing Vocals



You know when you get those days, when nothing makes sense? Everything is confusing, even frustrating, those are the feelings that came to mind when I first heard Brujeria. A band I am not familiar with at all, I decided to broaden my horizons because the genre extreme metal always stands out to me. Surprised, is not the word, I think it is safe to say I was taken aback when I put on their new digital single COVID – 666 which was recently released through Nuclear BlastRecords.

I am indeed an open minded person when it comes to metal, so as I started listening to their second track on the single Cocaina, I find myself being drawn into this mindset of “let’s just lose our shit” and forget everything that is going on in the world right now. Their grindcore meets death metal style, and Spanish lyrics, have a way of just getting you up of your chair and start freaking the fuck out! Even if you do not understand it.Moving on the music video, and it is an obvious fuck you 2020, and fuck you COVID 19 approach, which showcases the band performing in masks and the images of a panicked society in the background, images we have all come to see much too often these days. As the band themselves said : “The Coronavirus is the Devil’s plague sent to purge humanity of all kinds! Leaving survivors to suffer with no jobs, no money and forces a social media lifestyle on the entire world! On the bright side of it all..now I can go out shopping without scaring everyone to death!”Well, it is for sure these extreme metallers hailing from Los Angeles and being proudly Mexican,are not taking shit from anything or anyone with this new single, let alone 2020, as it is evident from their past albums. So if you feel down or just want to let loose,check out their music video

If this doesn’t grab your attention, nothing will!


Download and Stream COVID-666 digital single here:



Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by: Amanda Els