MEMBER: Niki van den Heever
EXPERTISE: Writer and Interviewer
BORN: 31 January 1991
AREA: Cape Town



As you’re reading this Niki is most probably wasting precious time by watching Bates Motel or something of the like instead of washing the dishes like a good girl. She’s M&M obsessed (nope, that wasn’t a failed attempt at Eminem... we mean of course Movies & Music) and god help the person in her presence who doesn’t get a good Coen Brothers or Tarantino reference. Cigarettes, Beer and Wine and the kind of conversation that would leave some in stitches and others with a sour look on their tight faces - is what one might expect when in the presence of this creature. Self proclaimed 90s girl, she has no shame calling Cradle of Filth, Slipknot and Manson her gods above all (regardless of what the kids are listening to these days). ‘But that’s just like... her opinion, man.’ 



'Tyranny' 2016

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