ARTIST: All We’ve Known
ALBUM NAME: Human Nature EP
RELEASE DATE: April 2016
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Port Elizabeth
GENRE Metalcore
Vaughn Botha – Vox
Tom Price – Guitar
Dill Jones – Guitar
Shaun Manley – Bass

Intrigued by the sound of the beginning of the first song, which is pretty trippy, I soon realise that my fellow Metalist member was right when they said I’d enjoy this album.

Clean sound.My favourite thing.You can hear each instrument and the vocalist properly.In summation, the production of this short EP is amazing. If I had one suggestion, it would be to work on timing.

The composition of the different songs on this EP are very full. I am a huge fun of full sounds, and what I mean by that is: there is no possible sound that could be added to the song at all. It has reached its maxim. A great example of this would be the song: Human Nature.

There are bands that have similar structures, as far as how their music sounds, but the lead singers’voice in this band, is just so different! Really like his tone. Fast paced, somewhat thrashy, yet very melodic.

To the vocalist, your Death Growls are on point Sir!

They remind me a little bit of Periphery mixed with Bullet For My Valentine. Then add some Linkin Park, Skrillex, Enter Shikari and Sum41, and you have yourself an All We’ve Known brutal sandwich. It’s pretty hard to box them into a specific genre.

It’s a beautiful brew of hard hitting vocals, and epic instruments!


This band takes me back to my teen years, I must say, I became rather nostalgic after the first track. I imagined myself sitting in a skate park, spray paint can in hand, ready to do something against the grain. Shouting cheers when a mate landed an epic trick. I love music that can make me sit back and imagine, there is no better feeling.

P.E is producing some seriously epic bands of late, and this is one of them! Give ‘em a listen!

Reviewed by: Splice (more from Splice)

Date: 18 April 2016

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