ARTIST: Bleeding Spawn
ALBUM NAME: Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination
RELEASE DATE: January 2016
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Mpumalanga
GENRE: Death Metal
DARIUS – guitars
DOMINIC – bass
GARY – guitar
DOMINIC – drums
MITCH – Vocal


When you think of technical death metal bands in South Africa; several come to mind but one sticks out like a bloody thumb – Bleeding Spawn. This five piece band is anger-fuelled, speed driven and …dare I say it … brutal.

It isn’t just their technicality that grabs the listener on their latest album Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination but it is everything in-between. From the opening track Indocrinated Chaos there are splices of grim shrieks and sinister samples that set the atmosphere and tone of the album. The heavy chugging guitars and blast beats of the drums continue to dominate throughout the album showcasing Bleeding Spawn’s musical aptitude. Furthermore tracks like Rise Of The Machine and Malicious Intent keeps the energy flowing and heads banging. The highlight of the album is Divide And Conquer where the efficient technicality, attention to detail and intense riffage come together to produce hair raising sounds.

Sable Sound studios mixed and mastered Bleeding Spawn’s latest offering and did a splendid job in keeping the album neat and tidy. Vocals on the album are raspy but manage to keep within the death metal aesthetic and so do the ill-figured corpses on the album cover.



Overall, Pathogenic Mechanized Abomination is an engaging mixture of horror and fury. It is ideal for the moments when humanity disgusts and deserts you.    

Reviewed by: Lav Nandlall (more from Lav)

Shots fired by: Imagine Photography

Date: 22 March 2016

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