ARTIST: Breaking Fate Down
ALBUM NAME: Over the Seasons
RELEASE DATE: March 2016
COUNTRY: Switzerland
CITY: CH, Genève
GENRE: Metalcore/ Death
Vox – Alex Zom
Drums – Cédric Pilet
Guitar – Jérémy Willi
Bass – Charles Bioul

Let’s just say, every morning, I now play this song called Diagram.

I’m not kidding either.

It is the 8th song on their new album, and the progression in the song is just outstanding. The other songs are just as brilliant, but do yourself a favour, and listen to that song.

After listening to this album for the first time, I immediately went onto various social media sites to try and find out more about Breaking Fate Down. To my dismay, I found out that there is little to nothing on this band anywhere. Plus, their following is seriously dismal.

How a band of such talent cannot have a following, completely gobsmacks me.

When chatting to the drummer, Cedric, I told him how much I love the album they have released, and how it is pretty much my favourite one of the year. He modestly replied, ‘You still have 9 months to find a better one’. With that I say, no ways.

This album does something to your heart and soul. If you don’t believe in having a soul, you might after listening to this album right through. You close your eyes, feel a small smile cross your face, and then rock your head back and forth. The feelings brought to light are quite something, brutal and honest, which can be a hard pill for some to swallow. I say go for it, because you may learn something from this band.

They have a way of commanding their instruments to sound like the vocalists, as well as evoke some serious emotion. The drummer is in a league of his own, the sounds that come out of his kit are just insane. The piano notes that seem to take shape in the air, and the contrasting vocals that seem to harmonise perfectly. Insanely tight sounds that really complement the vocals and lead guitar.

Remembering this is a band from Switzerland, whose first language is NOT English, their lyrics are rather abstract. Yet, just like a painting, it leaves a lot of open space for interpretation, and that is where the true magic happens. They really do ‘paint’ an interesting backdrop for you to add your own meaning to.




It’s hard to liken this band to others, and they really are an elaborate amalgamation of different genres. You may laugh when reading this, but I hear so much Pink Floyd in some of the songs. Yet they have Emmure and Mudvayne break downs. Their song ‘The New Beginning’ is a perfect example of this fusion.

Without inflating any more egos, I say go and download the album and show these guys the support they truly deserve!

Reviewed by: Splice (more from Splice)

Date: 8 April 2016

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