[Album Review] Deadline ‘Black Wolf City’

ARTIST: Deadline
ALBUM NAME: ‘Black Wolf City’
RELEASE DATE: October 2017
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Pretoria
GENRE: Metal


Vocals- Jessy Switchblade
Bass- Baz Steel
Drums-  Dizzy Styxx
Guitar- Raven Chaos
Guitar- The Skullprit   

Forming in 2014 and thus having been around the block for a good couple of years, it can be happily said that it is about time this inspired and passionate band released their first album. What started for them as only a hobby has quickly become the heart and soul of each member and this album is sure to break them a permanent spot in the metal scene.

The idea for this album I must admit is truly unique. Based on a graphic novel that front man Jessy Switchblade has taken years to create, about an industrial metal outfit called Cocaine Zombie Sex Hex in a fictitious town designed to have the look and feel of CBD areas in suburbs such as Pretoria. The novel draws inspiration from the likes of ‘Sin City ‘and ‘The Crow’.

The album art and first song link so flawlessly with the concept.  The vision of Lady Blitzkrieg’ looking over the city, bloody weapon at the ready with revenge prominent in her mind and the first song – a captivating instrumental which both give a strong impression of what is to come.

The next few tracks are exhilarating and provide a rocking welcome into Black Wolf City, such as “White Death” with its impressive show of vocal range and hungry guitar riffs. The song claims the following “They’ll dance to my bloody serenade.” And dance you will.

But it is the 4th track that really captures my attention. This song ultimately validates the bands well known slogan-We are metal! We are fire! We are legacy! We are energy! We are power! They most certainly carry an enormous amount of energy and power; it is no wonder the band has accumulated such a large fan basis with their timeless riffs and old school heavy metal sound.

“Are you ready to ruuuuumble” The 6th track off the album “Bloodbeast” feels reminiscent of a fight montage, one can definitely picture a stage a blaze, a musical fight to the death, guitars, blood and sweat flying from all angles. “Blood on my boots, Blood everywhere, The Bloodbeast is loose!”

“Warning, enter at own risk” unless you are ready to start ripping off shirts and punching someone in the nearby vicinity out of pure adrenaline. The final track “Hostage Demonica” is the bands pride and joy and the direction the band aims to take going forward. The song is utter blissful, chaos, a perfect display of the bands excellent ability to go from speed to thrash in zero seconds.

To sum it all up, this band is sure to appeal to all the old school heavy metal fans that have been dying for a South African band to produce something as up to standard as that of its American counter parts. If you need some 80s vibes with a fresh twist in your life grab yourself a copy and start head banging to this band who are sure to become the legacy they well claim to be, you definitely won’t be disappointed. In the words of this epic band “Goodbye, My job here is done.”




















Reviewed by: Jessie Berndt

Shots fired by: Deadline

Date: October 2017

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