ARTIST: Deftones
RELEASE DATE: April 8 2016
COUNTRY: America
GENRE: Alternative Metal
Chino Moreno – lead vocals
Stephen Carpenter – lead guitar 
Abe Cunningham – drums 
Frank Delgado – keyboards
Sergio Vega – bass guitar

It would have been ridiculous to think that a band like Deftones would still be around almost 30 years after their debut album in 1995, and yet here we are with Gore, their 8th Studio Album, after nearly 3 decades of building one of the most commanding legacies in music. Is it any good? You better fucking believe it is.

There are few bands who can boast of the success seen by Chino and his merry band of debaucherous men, especially given the blood, sweat and tears faced by the group. From members leaving and the band almost falling apart, to the heart-wrenching story of Chi. But regardless of the circumstances they’ve kept playing music, and kept doing so with aplomb. They developed a style so unique that it’s almost impossible not to recognise a Deftones song straight away, and they spent the last 20-odd years perfecting that glorious sound that is so uniquely Deftones. But where does Gore stand amongst their most lauded titles?

Since White Pony Deftones have been experimenting with their sound, whilst still managing to maintain what is truly them. There were some misses, but for the most part they were still pumping out the hits with incredible albums one and all. But it is with Gore that these experiments finally amalgamate and pay off. In what must be their best album since White Pony, they’ve found a style that is simultaneously nothing like anything they’ve done before, and yet somehow one of the most Deftones albums they’ve released in years

The first release, Prayers/Triangles, is simply hypnotic, and showcases the versatility, consistency and strength found only in a group of guys who’ve been playing and writing music together for a very long time. With Acid Hologram and Hearts/Wires you find some of their best work, from liquidly-loving guitar licks to beastial bass riffs, a almost regressive set of grooves manages to evoke many an emotion. And don’t even get me started on Phantom Bride, featuring the immortal Jerry Cantrell with a solo that’ll kick you in the chest, rip open your ribcage and feast upon your still beating heart.




This album really did surprise me. Often, we don’t find bands that sound like this in South Africa. We don’t often get records that are of this production quality and bands that approach music in this way.   There are some superb tracks on this album, some that I can’t get out of my head (in a good way) and have so much power and memorable value to them that this is going to take a while to get off my playlist. Besides the few vocal issues, this is an album I recommend that people of the rock and metal loving genres have a good listen to!

Reviewed by: Pierre Le Roux (more from Pierre)

Date: 5 May 2016


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