ARTIST: Deity’s Muse
ALBUM NAME: Convergence
RELEASE DATE: March 2016
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Johannesburg
GENRE: Alternative Rock
Vox/Guitar – Wayne Boucher
Drums – Sashan Pillay
Guitar – Yokim Pillay
Bass – Alvin Boucher

If there is one thing that turns me on about a band it is the collaboration of genres to make something that excites in the newness of it all while also being familiar with a warm fuzzy feeling that keeps us safe. Deity’s Muse’s groove-driven alternative rock from Johannesburg does just that. The topping of 90s grunge influences sprinkled with a delicious dash of the new wave of prog-rock that is gripping the world right now creates a delicious dish of fist-pumping, heart-clenching anthems that should satisfy any music lover’s palette.


This new album sees them really shine in their own. The songs are crafted like a gourmet 3 course meal: starting with mouth-watering licks to get you in the mood, the song moves into that hearty meal and finish off with a sweet cherry on the top. The band got the talents of Clint Vincent of Dead Letter Circus (who have created a strong band with DM during their two tours to our country). He brightens the band’s sound with a perfect blend of sounds that don’t muddle each other in the mix and what that does is help let the individual elements come together in a distinctly satisfying fashion for the listener’s appetite. It is difficult to really mention any stand out tracks as they all blend together to produce a flavourful array of experiences. Their first single off the album, Satellites, is a real crowd-pleaser live and Illumine gave my inner Alice in Chains fan a warm hug and said ‘It’s gonna be ok’. But, if I had to choose a favourite track, it would be Ascendance. I can’t really explain why, but perhaps it’s the fact that it really takes me into a different place than the rest of the tracks and is, therefore, a standout in that respect.


Deity’s Muse songs will have any crowd singing along and I do encourage you see them live as they really are one of those bands that can pull off their recordings in the ultimate setting.

Convergence is now available on iTunes and Bandcamp

Reviewed by: Kevin Rule (more from Kevin)

Date: 18 March 2016

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