ALBUM NAME: The Money Eaters
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Johannesburg
GENRE: Progressive Rock
Scott Wareham – Vox/Guitar
Jason Jackson – Drums
Conrad de Jong – Guitar 
Sarah Wolff – Keyboard

I remember the first time I heard HOKUM, my mom actually pointed them out when their music video for The Emerald was on SABC 3.

Needless to say, I downloaded that song within 2 minutes of the music video ending on the telly.

What an amazing song. Truly.

Now, just for a moment, imagine making an almost 3 minute song out of 14 words. Now, imagine it is a really good song that you just want to keep playing on repeat. That is what their first song, Earworm does. It is just so different.

The album is a story to me, and the structure is very similar to that of Iron Maiden. They really knew how to build up a break down in a song, and HOKUM has that skill down pat. Listening to the second track on their new album just makes me want to pogo jump all over the place, never mind try and scream like they do. The vocalist has the most intense voice, which is so unique and versatile! I mean, those high notes! WOWzers! Then the death growls. Be still my beating heart.

They remind me a lot of In Flames, and Coheed and Cambria. Yet there is something still that distinguishes them from the rest, and I cannot quite put my finger on it. Their lyrics are also unbelievable. I had quite a few ‘AHA!’ moments listening to this album.

If I could try and sum up this album, which may prove to be futile, I would have to ask you to close your eyes and imagine yourself being swirled around in harsh wind. Every time you hit a stationary object, a moment of clarity appears and synapse connections start forming. It’s like this album has literally sent me on a whirlwind adventure, where my wayward soul would be slapped back into reality every so often. Their music has depth like that of a Nick Cave album.




When I watched them at SLAMFEST this year, you can just tell that they are serious musicians, with not only talent, but a plan. These guys really do give it their all and are amazing team players. I absolutely love watching them live.

Do yourselves a favour and go out and actively purchase this album. You won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by: Pierre Le Roux (more from Pierre)

Date: August 2015

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