[ALBUM REVIEW] In Misery ‘Absence of Light’

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[Album Review] In Misery ‘Absence of Light’


ARTIST: In Misery
ALBUM NAME: ‘Absense Of Light’
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Johannesburg
GENRE:  Gothic/Metal
Vocals- Calvyn
Drums-  Allen Purkiss
Guitars- Mr.Morgue

I find myself walking through an old gothic cathedral, ravens flying overhead, and I am met by a group of gargoyles. They start leading me towards the front of the cathedral, and I notice there is a definite page torn out of Rammstein’s playbook, that is repeating in my head.

‘Morgue whispers of past encounters,
revives creatures from a spiritual hell.
The saint bled for all his children,
gathered by the sound of the midnight bell.’

The calm and composed sensation I had building inside me is whisked away by the sudden addition of drums thrashing. I turn my head to see the gargoyles whispering, as if I there is something amiss. What am I about to experience?

This is how I felt when I first started listening to Album, The Absence of Light, by In Misery. The album takes one on a journey of self-proclaimed hatred. Even though this release is dark and potent, I can assure you that listening to this album, and I MEAN REALLY LISTEN, you feel an amazing weight that is lifted off your shoulders.

The Devils spit flows,

through your veins,

as you walk this lonely trail.

I wish you felt again

and it’s getting worse,

day by day.

If Manson, Rob Zombie, Trent Reznor and Till Lindemann had a four way, this album would be the result. There is also a very distinct 80’S electro sound to it. A touch of Sisters of Mercy and even Fields of the Nephelim.

I have to add that the track titled “Empty Dreams’’ is one of the most beautiful instrumentals I have listened to in a very long time. When I listen to it, I imagine a very sombre ballet performance. The beauty and precision of the prima ballerina, being pulled away from the hurt and wounded cavalier. The twists and turns, the push and pull, and in the end, the ultimate hurt is found.

This album could score many movies. I find the build of the album, and the collapse towards the end to have an amazing flow, so in sync with the movement of emotion.

Overall, an album I think everyone should listen to.

I give this album an 8 ½ out of ten.



Reviewed by: Splice

Shots supplied by: In Misery

Date: February 2018

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