ARTIST: Mezzanine Floor
ALBUM NAME: Architecture of Eons
RELEASE DATE: 3 September 2016
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Port Elizabeth
GENRE: Progressive Metal
Andrew Bentz – Guitar
Dylan van der Merwe – Guitar
Tyran van der Merwe – Bass
Kyle Allen – Drums
Dixen van Onselen – Vocals

With five different and unique musical backgrounds, one can find it difficult to put PE-based progressive metal band, Mezzanine Floor into a specific genre as the band’s creativity shows a powerful combination of old school metal and new age rock.

Having originally started in the latter part of 2010 after all previous musical endeavors came to an end for the members, the final inclusions of Tyran on bass and Dixen on vocals gave birth to the sound of Mezzanine Floor. Since then, the band has progressed cautiously, yet confidently to a point where they are ready to showcase the package that has come to exist after putting extensive hours into a product that they are extremely proud of.

With the release of their self-produced Architecture of Eons, the band’s second release after 2014’s ‘Feed the machine’, we are treated to this quintet’s range of intricately constructed bursts of bone-crushing riffs and delightful clean sections that still manage to come across with the brutality of a cute panda bear ripping your face off. The band’s myriads of styles take the listener’s ears on an epic journey through the guts of a demonic beast right out the mouth to vomit on conventions.

To get an idea of what this band sounds like, think Mastodon meets Iron Maiden and have a baby, then that baby meets the vile offspring of Opeth and Lamb of God and those two babies mate to create Mezzanine Floor – and this baby has some pretty cool uncles in Type o Negative and Becoming the Archetype, too.




This album will tantalize and haunt you. Comes highly recommended.

Reviewed by: Kevin Rule (more from Kevin)

Date: 3 September 2016

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