ARTIST: Nephilim
ALBUM NAME: Beg For Your God
RELEASE DATE: 4 December 2015
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Durban
GENRE:  Brutal Death Metal
NIHIL (Kyle Channon) – Vox,bass tracking
PRAVUS (Nathan McKillop)- Guitars, drum programming

So I was inboxed the other day via Facebook by one of the Nephilim band members, in hopes that I would review their new album, Beg For Your God.

Needless to say I was very excited.

I logged onto Soundcloud to find the album, plugged in my headphones and proceeded to go deaf. From the first second of this album playing, it’s like brushing your teeth with a chainsaw. Which is pretty brutal.

If you stare at the cover while going through the album the imagery almost comes to life with the sounds in the background. Pretty cool if you ask me.

The combination of strange Korn like riffs, with the seriously hard tom smashes that the likes of Joey Jordinson used to do, topped off with eerie melodies, makes for a rather mish-mash first impression. You aren’t quite sure what you are listening too just yet.

I just have one thing to say, the drummer in this band is insane. The blast beats that he does are so on point and filthy fast. Oh wait, they are programmed. Dammit. The band at the moment only consists of two members and those two members produced this album. Impressive to say the least. All vocals, electric, and bass sounds are authentic however.

I really enjoy the softer intros that some of the songs have, like ‘Eradication of Human Filth’. There is a very nice build up in this song particularly. Really, really like this one. It gives you a better indication as to what the band is capable of and I’ll admit, they are capable of quite a bit.

Higher squeals, lower growls, insanely fast beat blasts on drums and the melodic guitar riffs with slightly industrial sounds keep you on your toes. As much as the band is a death metal project, there are a lot of metalcore variables. Especially in the song ‘Wasteland for the Worthless’.

Spineless Lying Whore has got to be one of my favourites and I can’t tell if it’s because I love the title of the song so much, or if it is because this is an amazing song. This song has a very old school Bring Me the Horizon feel and to be honest, hints of Evanescence chords.


It’s pretty hard to wrap these guys up in a neat little bow, but they remind me a lot of:

Becoming the Archetype, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Cradle of Filth.

I cannot wait to hear what they bring to the table with a full band line up, in fact, I’m already sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation. This was an amazing album despite the fact that the drums are programmed.

Bravo fella’s.

Reviewed by: Splice (more from Splice)

Date: 1 April 2016

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