[ALBUM REVIEW] Orbit Culture – Nija

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ARTIST: Orbit Culture
RELEASE DATE: 7 August 2020



Right off the bat, I’d like to just say that in the deluge of new music being blasted out left, right and centre these days, it is not very often that I am actually floored by what I hear.

Orbit Culture’s new release Nija is one of those occasions.

Not only is it an exquisite blend of all things brutal and harmonious, but the songs reach out their tentacles and latch onto every synapse in your brain and don’t let go – not that you’d want them to let go, mind you. The absolute barrage of pounding riffs smash you to an fro until the epic chorus lines come and sweep you up to safety. Truly, this is the future of metal. It’s not more of this and less of that, it’s just that these four Swedes have managed to create an equilibrium of everything that is glorious in the metal world.

This album being released during the pandemic is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because so many people are craving something new to listen to on a regular basis to fill out the time, but a curse because these guys need to be on the road touring the absolute shit out of this album. I suspect that if they were able to tour right now on the heels of this momentous effort, their name would reach more and more and more people. To me, Orbit Culture have the potential to be the next big thing; they just need to capitalise on this album – how they’re going to do that in this current climate will require some creative thinking and marketing.

If the thought of Trivium’s Shogun album infused with Meshuggah and Gojira excites you, then you will love this album.



Reviewed by: Kevin Rule