[Album Review] Palace Of The King ‘Get Right With Your Maker’

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[Album Review] Palace Of The King ‘Get Right With Your Maker’

ARTIST: Palace Of The King
ALBUM NAME: ‘Get Right With Your Maker’
RELEASE DATE: March 2018
COUNTRY: Australia
CITY: Melbourne
GENRE:  Heavy Rock
Vocals/Guitar- Tim Henwood
Bass- Anthony Licciardi
Drums-  Travis Dragani
Guitar/Keys-Sean Johnston


Palace Of The King are back with their third full length album and fifth release since they formed in late 2012. These Aussie rockers have managed to squeeze in this record despite being on the road most of the time. Having played over 300 shows in their first three years as a band, and averaging 100 shows a year, they have juggernauted in popularity. This has seen them on various international stages – both as supporting acts and headliners.

Palace of the King have consistently pulled on the heartstrings of our nostalgia for the good old days of rock n’ roll and there are moments strongly reminiscent of our favourite bands of the ‘70s. “Get Right With Your Maker” delivers the same groovy, riff-laden songs that have us ready to take to the road and go on an adventure with the wind whipping our hair and the album blasting in our faces, rippling at our cheeks. While not particularly outrageous, it does not disappoint. It grooves in all the right places and ear-worms its way into your head to have you humming and foot tapping when you least expect it.

The tasteful use of keys and eerie guitar tones take you to the edge of the psychedelic precipice without jumping into it completely. The powerful vocals pull you into a state of carefree bliss and the blues influence has you contemplating all your wrongdoings. The album is incredibly well-produced and the instruments are as a tight as Axl Rose’s pants. The album lives up to the promises made by the two singles, I Am The Storm, and It’s Been A Long Time Coming.

Australia is currently going through a massive rock revival and Palace Of The King seem to have earned a strong foothold within it. While the album evokes nostalgia – it does not disturb any graves. It reinvigorates a much-loved genre with contemporary edge. If you can’t help but feel you were born in the wrong era then this one is definitely for you. If you’re already a fan, this album continues to build on the steady climb Palace Of The King are taking.


Rating: 6.7/10





Reviewed by: Roo Van Niekerk

Shots supplied by: Palace Of The King

Date: March 2018


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