[Album Review] Riddlebreak Architeuthis

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Jade Osner: Vocals
Gareth Reed: Rhythm Guitar & backing Vocals
Laura Atkinson: Violin
Julian Vosloo: Lead Guitar
Roushan van Niekerk: Bass
Gordon Bosma: Drums
You know you are in for a ride, when you decide to plug in your headphones instead of just
listening through a stereo. This is what I had to do when I played the first track “Allegiant” on
Riddlebreak’s new and upcoming EP Architeuthis. One cannot simply listen to this in any other
manner than through earphones, otherwise you will deprive yourself of the full experience this
song brings to the table. The stunning guitar intro followed by crushing powerful vocals is the
perfect intro to a song that makes you feel you want to destroy some shit in the room. The song
takes a melodic yet beautiful turn, only to go straight into a magnificent breakdown, one of those
breakdowns in metal, when you feel like your feet are going to lift up off the floor, it literally
transports you into a different world.
Just as you come off your “high” in comes “The Hog.” The second song on this truly brilliant EP.
It starts out slowly and kind of eerie, it makes you feel like you are creeping around in some
dark alley, only to hit you with a very intense vocal performance, the low growls with the high
pitch vocals takes this song to another level. When the song speeds up, it immediately brings up
the feeling that you want to be in front of the crowd at a live performance and forget all your
troubles and just go absolutely apeshit. The melodic part that comes through in the end is truly
beautiful and it just adds more depth to an already well rounded and constructed song.
The insanity only continues with the 3rd song “A Momentary Brightness”. The song starts out
strong from the get go with yet again powerful vocal intros, it is fast, groovy and the extra sound
effects Riddlebreak incorporates into this song, just sets the tone and atmosphere for a strong
and heavy no holds barred approach to this EP.
The last song “Eyes of the World Ender” has a unique instrumental intro, where the drums
definitely stand out from the start, followed by strong vocals and guitars. This song is fast, and
edgy, but it also feels that it has some deep emotional connotation to it. The vocals almost
sound longing at some stages of the song. It takes you into a deeper journey of the self, when

the violin and drums work together to form a very beautiful almost melancholic interlude. Only to
end with the feeling that you want more.
“Entitled Architeuthis – ärkə’t(y)üthəs\ meaning “Giant Squid”, this 4-track EP is rife with
Iconography and symbolism of creatures greatly misunderstood in real life.”
This is an EP filled with truly brilliant, well constructed songs, even if you do not like metalcore
or progressive, this one is not to be missed. It is full of raw emotion and sheer vocal and
instrumental talent that will truly blow your socks off.