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ARTIST: Robyn Ferguson


RELEASE DATE: 26 Feb 2021

COUNTRY: South Africa

CITY: Cape Town

GENRE: Instrumental Prog


  • Robyn Ferguson
  • Adam Alvarado (Driven with Insanity)
  • Mark Pyjama (Pyjama Planet)

Following the explosive release of her single “Grey” comes Robyn Fergusons long awaited EP – Triptych!

Featuring three amazing songs: Grey, Three and Status, this album is sure to knock any instrumental prog fans socks clean off their feet. Not to mention the lineup of amazingly talented featured artists!

Song Reviews:

Grey (Robyn Ferguson) : “Grey” is by far one of the most beautiful instrumental songs I’ve heard in a while, I’ve actually been jamming this whole album while I am gaming and it really is a fantastic soundtrack – it makes me feel as if I am embarking on a long a treacherous quest to find something important, an epic journey across land, sea and maybe even air – who knows! – the song feels as if the magic and possibilities are endless on the journey I am going on and I adore it so much. To read a more in depth review of “Grey” check out our review on it here

: https://www.themetalistza.co.za/song-review-robyn-ferguson-new-single-grey/

Three (Robyn Ferguson feat. Adam Alvarado): In this melodic mashup of talent Robyn has paired up with Adam Alvarado to bring us a gorgeous prog masterpiece! Adam is a Latino American multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and overall guitar virtuoso based in Houston, Texas. These two prog guitarists working together on a song is like pairing a gourmet dish with a fine wine, you can’t really go wrong when two superb quality artists come together to create something. Outstanding work!

Status (Robyn Ferguson feat Mark Pyjama): Teaming up with the creative driving force behind the Pyjama Planet Empire, Robyn and Mark take us on a melodic journey through the soul (at least that’s how I felt after listening). I really enjoyed the energy this song brought as well as the calmness and lighter sounds woven within the fabric of it’s composition, a truly epic and breathtaking musical journey guided by two amazing composers. Robyn really knows how to pick her featured artists!

Over all, Triptych feels like the peak of an incredible and long journey and the music was our guide, this album consists of top-notch compositions, gorgeously long solos and some epic ebb and flow – I would highly recommend that everyone gives this one a listen – it really is a great instrumental album that can be played at any occasion – I mean, I’d dance to this at my wedding!

RATING: 8/10

REVIEWED BY: Claire Joanna Fuller

PHOTOGRAPHY/ARTWORK BY: Devographic Music Media, PR, Events & Artist Management Agency – South Africa

  1. Mike Ferguaon

    An amazing journey from a seriously debilitating illness to a stunning breakthrough, through sheer obstinate perseverance and a gutsy will to shove boundries aside, conquer obstacles and follow her vision and passion.
    Well done Robyn! Looking forward to more!!