[ALBUM REVIEW] South African Ambient Prog Master Ryno Theron Unveils New Album Howling Rush

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ARTIST: Ryno Theron
ALBUM NAME: Howling Rush
RELEASE DATE: 8 May 2020
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Durban
GENRE: Ambient Prog


 Ryno Theron is a Solo Experimental Guitarist from Durban whose sound is mostly instrumental, layered with ambient textures and accompanied by groovy percussion and bass lines through his fingerstyle technique. His background in metal has given him a unique opportunity to mix numerous playing styles.

He recently released his album ‘Howling Rush’, and it is a perfectly apt name for this expertly-crafted album. It’s a soaring whirlwind of sounds that bends genres in and out of each other. With a distinct African flavour, this album takes the listener to places they never thought they wanted to go. Take a late night drive through Johannesburg with ‘Burden’, road trip through the Karoo with the track ‘Slow Burning Fire’, or bar hop along Kloof Street with ‘In the Groove’; whatever your fancy this album seems to have it all. I strongly recommend this for those with an open ear and a love for soundscapes.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Kevin Rule
Photography by: Steven Leggo