[ALBUM REVIEW] Strike Avenue ‘Human Golgotha’

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ARTIST: Strike Avenue
ALBUM NAME: ‘Human Golgotha’
RELEASE DATE: 27 January 2018
CITY: Cosenza
GENRE:  Deathcore
Vocals- Phil
Bass- Sergio Nasta
Francesco “Storm”
Guitar- John Hunter


Wondering who Strike Avenue is and what their new album is all about? Keep reading.


Strike Avenue formed in 2008 and reign all the way from my favourite country Italy. The land of good food, music and wine so it’s not surprising at all that this band lives up to the artistic beauty of its birthplace. Their latest album Human Golgotha is the 4th masterpiece to add to their discography.

Human Golgotha does not beat around the bush in showing you what they are all about, like that morning alarm clock it really wakes up the senses and gives you a jolt for the day. The intro to this album is beautifully eerie, creating the perfect mood and giving one the feeling of being transported into another realm. The drum skills in this intro are nothing short of spectacular and the double bass does not miss a beat.

Track 1`The Despised Lion’ has some really impressive guitar riffs and drums which kick start the rest of those sleepy bodily functions. This song is a tad heavier and the bass makes one feel like this was made “for the horde.” `The Gates Of Hell’ once again produce a powerful introduction. The drums punctuating every verse so perfectly which only adds to the intensity of this tune. An in depth guitar solo follows suit halfway through, feeding the soul as the song continues. Be prepared to fall in love with the double bass at 2:29 minutes, absolutely MIND BLOWING!

`Dark Genesis’ continues the intense roller coaster ride that is Human Golgotha and leaves one with the impression of being in a dark, grungy, gothic dungeon. The vocals are really strong in this track which take a softer turn but still manages to keep its intensity, like a heart wrenching love song for tortured souls. `Cranium’ kicks things up a few notches as the growls and beats are amplified by what feels like 100. This song truly shows off the bands talents and they are able to display their true depths without becoming overwhelming. Although it is a short lived track it is bound to leave you reeling from its epic nature.

`Devourer Of Worlds’ excites you and gets that adrenaline pumping, it has as an energetic and hard hitting pace throughout. You may be in danger of headbanging yourself into oblivion, possible risk of whiplash here. `Sublimating The Black Mountain’ makes you feel ready for the likes of a medieval war, the sky dark with heavy clouds, an ominous feeling of an impending war and the royal looking out over their land, contemplating what they are heading into. The final song brings back that beautiful intro from the first track, with its elegant guitaring floating out of the speakers and into your ears to gently ease you back into the real world.

As a first time listener I can gladly give this album a well-deserved thumbs up, and dare I say my chocolate brownie that I had for breakfast only got more delicious. I found that all the tracks on Human Golgotha were so well blended that I did not even notice the one song ending and the next one starting. This album is sure to stick with you, so much so for me that I am even considering using a track as my ringtone.


Rating: 9/10




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Photos supplied by: Strike Avenue


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