[ALBUM REVIEW] Sunken State – Solace in Solitude

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Artist: Sunken State
Album Name: Solace in Solitude
Release Date: 11 June 2021
Country: South Africa
City: Johannesburg
Genre: Groove/Melodic Death Metal


Dwayne Hees (Vocals)
Mathew Swanepoel (Vocals & Guitar)
Dwayne Klingbiel (Bass)
Peter Pistorius (Drums)


After emerging onto the South African metal scene with their debut EP in 2019 and a follow-up single in 2020, modern groove metal band Sunken State, have now released their debut full-length album Solace in Solitude. This album incorporates several different styles and Sunken State has managed to successfully integrate them throughout.

From the outset, the album explodes and hits hard. Each song is varied and interesting and the band’s chemistry remains apparent. They embrace catchy choruses and riff progressions which command your attention and add to their replay value.The sharp contrast between the talented vocalists, the bassist supporting the down-tuned guitar and working together with the consistent energy and syncopated rhythms of the drums, has resulted in the desired effect of a precise and coordinated sound.The beguiling melodies along with the clean but distorted vocals bring a sense of eeriness to the music which elevate the overall sound. The album has been produced well but I feel that more could be done to augment their massive sound.

Since their inception in 2018, Sunken State is on an exponential rise to acclaim and they have set the benchmark high for themselves with this album. Solace in Solitude will definitely hold interest for fans of Gojira, Lamb of God, Bleed From Within, Erra and Pantera.


Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Natalie Cowling