[Album Review] Temples On Mars

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[Album Review] Temples On Mars


ARTIST: Temples On Mars
ALBUM NAME: Self Titled
RELEASE DATE: April 2018
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
CITY: London
GENRE:  Eclectic Rock
James Donaldson – Guitar and Vocals
Daz Carikas – Bass and Backing Vocals
Gerald Gill – Guitars
Dean Gibb – Drums

Helloooo Temples on Mars, take me to your leader. This London based outfit are previously known as Agent, though we can treat them as an entirely new band, which is precisely what they are, a reinvented, glorious fresh version of themselves. Temples on Mars claim they are here to present an accessible, progressive rock sound to Planet Earth which I’m sure many of us agree is well overdue. A rock sound that can draw the users of Spotify and Google more intensely.

Future fans prepare for lift-off. Track one ‘Bon Voyage’ presents a story telling, sitar filled atmosphere, with what sounds like Present Kennedys speech about the moon landing to receive you into this active galactic nucleus of an album. We are then blasted straight into outer space with Track 2 ‘Gods and Kings collide’ and its monumental varied soundscape with influences from all over the world. A track you could really picture in the likes of an epic, Homeric tale. Once again you hear the gripping sound of the sitar and monk-like chanting with an outro that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Track 3 ‘Afraid of Living’ presents with a sinister, seductive sound, some clever musicality here. Drums are a definite stand out and the lyrics “Break my Illusion” ellipse through, and are left in my memory all day. And just when you think it’s over, they come back swinging with the chorus that is instantly appealing and memorable.

Track 4 ‘So in Love with Your Own Drug’ is a very catchy tune that launches you into a feeling of wanting to sing along with the “Oh oh oh’s. A satisfying, funky bass solo perforates near the end which showcases a signature sound that comes through in every tune .Track 5 ‘How far will you Go’ soothes you with a gentle, slow hypnotic intro and the lyrics “Maybe There’s No Coming Back” are now a true statement from this new fan. The song continues its build up to a powerful chorus and concludes with that same beautiful intro. A reminiscence of early 30 Seconds to Mars can be heard here.

Track 8 ‘Black Mirror’ make you wonder at first where they are going with this one, then they rattle your cage “A loaded gun, so full of promise” as the lyrics describe. A Surprising breakdown is found in the middle of this track which briefly calms the whole song down before coming to an abrupt end “A universe in raging motion”.
Track 10, yes you wanna, you really wanna keep listening, and the name of the track ‘When Gods Collide’ explain precisely the imagery the music creates. A fight to the finish of Dragon Ball Z proportions. Temples on Mars have a significant understanding of the phrase “You catch more flies with honey” Quirky, space like sounds can be heard if you pay attention.

Track 11`Dining with the devil’ is an 8 minute piece of music machinery combined of wacky time signatures and some alluring strings about 3 minutes in. The tune turns into a creepy aura where the vocalist describes how they will dine in hell and you can hear him giving a harmonious scream in the framework. Overall this song plays out like a confessional, anger, remorse, release, and acceptance. “Dining with the devil, spilling my guts, just a heathen’s confession” sound out the song.Track 12 ‘Chief Seattle’ the last track on this album ties in flawlessly with the first, a speech playing in the back ground, an almost sad melody and the words “the dead are not all together powerless” being repeated over and over. Peculiar time signatures here, exceedingly unique and intriguing. This song belongs in the end credit of a horror movie as it leaves one with a harrowing feeling in the pit of your stomach. The same sitar sounds reiterated here from the opening track to end this album off handsomely.

In closing, I literally head banged through this entire album, one can hear these guys know who they are musically and they are here to stay. The songs are explorative and catchy and will be left ringing in your head all day. This is not your mother’s progressive band, this band is well thought out and sure to sell. Just because they don’t sound like they are regurgitating last night’s dinner does not mean this band will have no edge in the metal community, call me old fashioned but I still like to be able to hear what the vocalist is singing. A tremendously well put together band that is exceptionally produced. These gents set out to not pigeon hole a fan base, so to keep it accessible to all. In my opinion they seem to have it all together and should already be a part of all our playlists.


9/10 rating.





Reviewed by: Jessie Berndt (Read more from her here)

Shots supplied by: Temples On Mars

Date: April 2018


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