ARTIST: The Overmind
ALBUM NAME: The Anthropic Principle
RELEASE DATE: 12 August 2016
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Durban
GENRE: Deathcore
Vocals – Wojtek
Guitars – Jethro
Guitars – Deven
Bass – Grant
Drums – Stefan

First off, the best way to understand this album, in my opinion, is to understand what the Anthropic Principle is:
‘The anthropic principle (from Greek anthropos, meaning “human”) is the philosophical consideration that observations of the Universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it’.

That is some deep shit.

So let me get my head right for a philosophical beating.

Press play, and VOILA!

Straight from the get-go, I can tell this is going to be a good album. Pig squeals on point Sirs! Never mind the singing, the instrumental side is something to boast about.

The electric guitar in the opening song is so daunting, and so well suited to the song.

To Stefan, their new drummer, dude, your blast beats make a girl very happy.

Xenocide is my favourite track on this album. The melodic arrangement is so brutal it makes my heart pump lumpy custard, which is literally pure happiness.

I love how, even when you are streaming the album, you can tell the difference between each song’s beginning and end. Some albums, at least when I stream them, all seem to melt into one-another. Not in a good way, I might add. The Overmind has taken that issue, thrown it on the ground and kicked its face in.

I just have to mention that they have had to bring in a new drummer and it’s never easy bringing in new members and getting the sound and timing spot on. Well they have just defied all odds and done that. These guys are truly going places. Possibly Summer Slaughter?




If you have never heard of them, do yourself a favour and check out their Facebook page. You can stream their albums there, but support local and go out and buy the album! You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure. These guys are one of the more dedicated bands that I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing, and the production of their songs is a testament to that.

The album is a total of 33:43 minutes and I’ll be honest, I WANT MORE! This is the kind of album that gets better and better each time you listen to it.

Reviewed by: Splice (more from Splice)

Date: 23 August 2016

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