[Album Review] Winter’s Edge ‘Ferryman’s Eye’

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[Album Review] Winter’s Edge ‘Ferryman’s Eye’


ARTIST: Winter’s Edge
ALBUM NAME: ‘Ferryman’s Eye’
RELEASE DATE: 29 September 2014
COUNTRY:United Kingdom
CITY: Chichester
GENRE: Progressive/Melodic/Power Metal
Vocals- Charlotte Jones
Bass- Mike Bridge
Drums-  Edd Anderson
Guitar- Jeremy Lawler and Frank Clow


Although this album may be a couple years old, it is still extremely relevant. The album entitled ‘Ferryman’s Eye’ a name which already intrigues me, shows off its Melodic Progressive sound, united with Power Metal elements. This makes for a very interesting combination of sounds to have blaring through my headphones.

Diverse, long guitar solos adorn this album paired with a necessary amount of energy and fast paced musicality. There is a certain hardness that comes through all songs that manages to not be overpowering. Interspersed piano passages allow for an almost enchanting atmosphere to the music. The large variety of guest musicians included make for a truly unique album in every way. Variety’s such as female vocals that perfectly round off the tracks with an operatic voice which gives this band a special ‘gothic’ colour to it.

The collection of all the above mentioned qualities are what gives Winter’s Edge a solid foundation in the Metal Community as they continue to progress. The tracks that stand out the most for me on this album would be “From Death I Come”, “The End” and “Game of Insanity” which gives off a quest like feeling to everyday tasks when listening to it.

My overall conclusion of this album, it is definitely worth a listen to any metalhead, old or new. Want to find out why? Listen to their album and be sure to keep a look out for their next two up-and-coming albums to be released June 2018 as well as November 2018.




Reviewed by: Seiran Evanora Laveau

Shots fired by: Winter’s Edge

Date: March 2018

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