In just over a week, WOODSTOCK SA will host one of the largest festival line-ups we have seen to date, but with every festival comes the “should I – shouldn’t I… Is it worth my money” scenario. Now instead of posting a “Who is going to Woodstock” post on Facebook, and being swayed by what your friends think, read The Metalist za’s list of reasons to go and decide for yourself.



1 – The Music

We have all heard the “Music first – music last” thing a million times, but it still rings true. Sure a lot of people will attend a festival just to see Shortstraw and I know most of the Frikshun kids will go just for the Drum and Bass. That’s cool and all, but the best thing about a festival like WOODSTOCK is the amount of new music you will discover.

With 185 artists across 7 stages with music ranging from hip-hop and trance to heavy metal (and everything in between); you will be exposed to music you would never have searched for yourself, and perhaps it is what has been missing from your life all along.

Recommended artists to check out: Dirty Moonshine, Al Bairre, I AM, Newtown Knife Gang, Only Forever, Bombs & Issues, Satanic Dagga Orgy, Man As Machine, Made For Broadway, Hope Is For Heroes, All Will Fall, Facing The Gallows, Red Helen, Climate Control, Riddlebreak. 



2- The People

It is a whole lot easier to strike up conversation with someone standing next to you in the crowd, than say, standing in a queue at the bank. WOODSTOCK, in true hippie fashion, will be one of those places where everyone is accepting of one another. You might find your soulmate on the dance floor (or at least that’s what you will think at the time), your long lost brother-from-another-mother in the mosh pit or just some really cool people that make you smile. There is no better opportunity to broaden your friendship circle than at a festival.  Many begin friendships and festival families over the years that are close enough to last for a lifetime.


3- The Camping

This is probably the most unappealing part of it all. However, after many years in the festival circuit I can say I have seen the most amazing engineering innovation in the festival camping grounds. When that desperate need for shade strikes, you would be amazed at what people can do with some toilet paper and teamwork. It is almost as though we embrace our primal survival instincts as we turn a campsite into a home. So much so that the people next to you become your “neighbours” with whom you can share sugar, firelighters and laughs.




4 – Freedom

It’s not every day that you can roll out of bed and open a beer at 7AM and not be judged for it, well it is everyday at WOODSTOCK. All those flower headbands, tie-dye shirts and face paint you never get use (Yes, I know you own them because deep down we all long for that hippie lifestyle… or maybe that’s just me?), now is the time to use them all! You can make yourself look like a cross-dressing alien if you so wish, anuthing goes at WOODSTOCK! Traditionally, WOODSTOCK embraced nudity… So, I guess if you are brave enough, you could shake your naked-ass around too.

This kind of freedom alone, is worth the ticket price





5 – Beautiful scenery

Not only will WOODSTOCK be one hell of a party, but it will be a little 4 day holiday in a beautiful place. The Bay Golf Estate offers beautiful landscapes with sunsets on the Hartebeesport Dam. Coupled with festival décor and day-drunkenness, it will be nothing short of breath-taking.






If there is something you think we forgot to mention, or a festival story you would like to share in the hopes of convincing people to attend, then this competition is for you!


Stand a chance at winning Double tickets for you and a friend to attend WOODSTOCK SA this September!


We have 5 sets of double tickets to give away!

All you have to do is:

– Share this “5 Reasons…” article on Facebook

-Tag Woodstock SA and The Metalist za in your post

-Tells us why you want to attend or share your favourite festival memory with us

-Use the hashtag #TakeMeToWoodstock

Winners will be announced Monday, 29 August 2016.


Festival details:

In the North West, along the banks of Hartbeespoort Dam you will find Woodstock SA 2016

Spring Day weekend,7 stages, over 150 artists, 4 days of PEACE, LOVE & MUSIC

1 – 4 SEPTEMBER 2016 (Thurs – Sun)


Direct link –

Earlybird – SOLD OUT!!!

Day Pass for Friday or Saturday – R350

General weekend – R600

Don’t forget your camping gear!!!

*All weekend pass tickets include camping and access to entertainment areas*



2 Man Tent (With mattresses)
2 Rolling Stones Tickets
Private camping area with showers and toilets 

-No glass will be allowed into the festival.
-No open fires are allowed.
-Toilets: There are toilets placed throughout the whole venue.
-Showers: There will be showers available in the various camping areas, but remember that water is precious to us and we have friends who would also like to freshen up.
-No illegal substances
-No under 18’s
-There will be paramedics available 24 hours.


Facebook event page:


Article by: Sammy SF (more from Sammy)

Shots fired by: Sammy SF (more from Sammy)

Date: 22 August 2016