[NEWS] Battlefield V: What is next for EA’s long running FPS?

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After much speculation following Battlefield 1’s elaborate Easter egg, EA has finally announced Battlefield V.


Dedicated gaming gurus have spent the last year hunting for and solving one of the most exciting Easter eggs in Battlefield 1, which can be found in the Conquest map called Fort de Vaux. The easter egg itself is a mysterious door with the word “Isolement” written above it, which means “isolation” in French.

The process for opening the Isolement door is straightforward, but requires a lot of legwork.


Solving this puzzle eventually leads you to the web URL ea.com/neverbethesame which leads you to a blue page with the date May 23rd which is when the games full reveal is set.


Watch the full Easter egg reveal below:



You can watch the live reveal at 11PM South African time on Wednesday, which will be hosted by our homegrown superstar, Trevor Noah. Despite not having a very prominent presence in the gaming world, Noah reveals that he is a gamer at heart in the teaser released earlier this week.


Watch the teaser below:



The stream, which will be hosted on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer, will feature the development team sharing their vision for the game. The title “Battlefield V” previously leaked from multiple sources. Those same sources stated the game is set in the Second World War, though EA has not confirmed this as yet.

We can’t help but wonder if having Trevor Noah host the reveal has a little more to do with the game then meets the eye. Could it be possible that Battlefield is following in the footsteps of Black Panther, and taking the battlegrounds to Africa?
This is all speculation of course, but how rad would it be to have a Battlefield installment related to African warfare?


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