Between the Buried and Me Colors two

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ARTIST: Between the Buried and Me
ALBUM: Colors II
LABEL: Sumerian Records
RELEASE DATE: 20 August 2021

So, here’s the thing. If you’re not accustomed to the wacky, wild, adventurous, genre-bending chaos that is the incredible Between the Buried and Me (henceforth known as BTBAM), then you are in for a treat with their latest release – a sequel to their 2007 album – ‘Colors II’.

BTBAM built their brain-busting album ‘Colors’ on an unwavering commitment to artistic integrity, and, while they’ve certainly matured and honed their sound, they’ve only fortified that commitment on this new release. The circumstances surrounding both records bear key similarities, yet the North Carolina quintet (consisting of Tommy Rogers [lead vocals, keyboards], Paul Waggoner [lead and rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals], Dustie Waring [rhythm and lead guitar], Blake Richardson [drums], and Dan Briggs [bass, keyboards])once again stretch the boundaries of their signature sound and heavy music at large.

“We really wanted to give it all we could and show the world we’re still here,” explains Tommy. “That’s part of the reason we named it ‘Colors II’. We were in a similar spot when we did the first ‘Colors’. Back then, we had just gotten done with OZZfest. We were wondering, ‘Where do we belong in this music scene?’ We still struggle with that. At both of these moments in our career, we decided to just be ourselves and write the best album we can. We came out guns blazing, and I feel like it’s some of our most creative material in a long time.”

With a somewhat misleading opening track to the uninitiated, ‘Colors II’ breaks into the frenetic signature stylings that BTBAM have become respected for over the last 20 years of their career.

“Colors was very much our attempt at a do-or-die statement,” recalls Paul. “We had to establish our identity and be who we really wanted to be in order to have a career. This time around, our industry was shutdown for a year. Once tours were cancelled due to the Pandemic, we were like, ‘We’ve got to write a record, and it’s got to be good’. We had to do something next level.”

With a few listens of this incredible album under the belt so far, I can honestly say that Colors II will appeal to life-long fans and those who may be a bit curious alike. Check it out, it’s available now everywhere.





Reviewed by Kevin Rule