It’s that time of year again, with the collective anticipation and excitement surrounding Krank’d Up Fest building its way to a fever pitch.


In preparation for this monumental event, The Metalist za caught up with arguably, one of our biggest local metal exports, VULVODYNIA, to chat about their recent trip to Germany and what it was like playing alongside some of the biggest, most brutal names in the industry, as well as what the future holds for these SLAM Gods. 


Firstly, thanks for taking the time to chat to us!

So, Krank’d up is less than a month away, and I’m sure the band is excited to perform alongside a stellar local lineup, as well as the international acts. Are you personally fans of these visiting bands?

We are all definitely huge fans of Intervals, but Kris in particular, he is ecstatic to see (and hopefully get the chance to meet) Aaron Marshall! He is the instrumental guitar nerd of the band, lol.


You guys just recently came back from Germany, tell us a bit about Deathfeast and what it was like to play alongside so many incredible bands?

It was an absolute honor to play alongside bands such as Suffocation, Whitechapel and many others! To receive shoutouts from them on stage, see them wearing our merch, and have them want to talk to us after their shows was really unbelievable! We were also offered such amazing opportunities while we were hanging backstage with the other bands and we are dying to break the news to you all! Playing to such a large crowd was an insane experience in itself! It is rather crazy to be treated so well over there, and we definitely can’t wait to be back! The people, the atmosphere and the music is just on another level in Europe- especially in Germany!


Given your exponential international success, what is it that you think is holding the South African scene back?

We don’t think it is a lack of effort from South African bands, but the key is just putting your time and effort into the right things. We have been working super hard to expand our fanbase online and focusing on marketing the band to the fullest. We have realised that the only way to be on the same playing field as the international bands we look up to is by following their moves, analyzing how the “big bands” run all aspects of their careers, and learning through that.


You have had quite a few fans get Vulvodynia tattoos, what does that mean to you as a band?

It is really an honor to see our fans bare our mark! The impact that we have made on our fans’ lives is incredible, and we are thrilled that they want to support us for the rest of their lives! What is even more amazing, is when fans have gotten our signatures or something we drew tattooed. It is so special and all still really blows our minds!


You guys are currently in the process of writing your next release, what can you tell us about that?

There are more amazing guest vocalists, real drums and guitar solos in store, and we plan on basing this album off of the already brutal realities that South Africa has faced, and those that are still present.


If you were to collaborate with any one of the acts on the Krank’d Up lineup, who would it be and why?

Well, Red Helen would be an obvious choice for us! Greg from Red Helen has actually just joined the band as our new bassist and Kris has moved onto full time guitar now. Greg is one of the most incredible musicians we have ever seen, and we are very happy with the new addition to our band.


What would you like to see/see more of at South African festivals?

We would love to see more fan support, more killer merch from the local bands and more brutal death metal!!!!





Taking place on Saturday, 30th September 2017 at Sundowners, Alberton and featuring 2 highly acclaimed international acts along with 19 of SA’s best alternative acts across two stages, Krank’d Up 2017 should not be missed.

Tickets available from Computicket or


Memphis May Fire
Red Helen
State Society
My Columbine
Mezzanine Floor
Held On Till May
After Robot
Maximum Carnage
You, Me and the Harmony
Savage Lucy
De Wallen ( Band )
Mad God

Interviewed by: Sammy SF

Date: 22 September 2017


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