It’s that time of year again, with the collective anticipation and excitement surrounding Krank’d Up Fest building its way to a fever pitch.


In preparation for this monumental event, The Metalist za caught up , with the female-fronted pop-punk quartet, YOU ME AND THE HARMONY, to chat about what they have been up to since their last release and how they feel about making their Krank’d Up debut.


Firstly, thanks for taking the time to chat to us! 

So, Krank’d up is less than a month away, and I’m sure the band is excited to perform alongside the best that our local scene has to offer, as well as the international acts. Are you personally fans of these visiting bands? If so, what are your favourite songs/albums from these bands?

Hey! Thanks so much for talking to us! We’re extremely excited to be playing alongside such amazing local and international acts! We are definitely fans of the metal and progressive scene in this country as well as internationally! We love songs like ‘Prove Me Right’ and ‘Vices’ from Memphis May Fire and we’re really excited to see them and hopefully these songs live!


When Intervals were announced to play Krank’d Up we had to brush up on our knowledge of them a little bit and were seriously surprised by what we heard. It definitely looks like they’re going to be on another level of musicianship! We can’t wait watch them live! 


So it’s been over a year since you released ‘Cliffside’, what have you guys been up to since then?

Well we’re actually very excited to tell you that we’ve been working on a bunch of different things, but as you know life sometimes gets in the way, so things don’t always go as planned!

However! We do have some new content on its way.

We recently finished our Secret Things Tour where we shot the footage for our first music video (for our new single)!!

We’re very excited about releasing the song and video. (Keep your ears and eyes open in mid October). We’ve also recently released some cool merch that can be bought at any of our shows or through our social media pages! We’re working on a few other things, but you guys will have to wait and see for that.


Do you guys have any plans to tour the rest of SA any time soon?

We definitely want to take our live set to the rest of South Africa, and as soon as the opportunity arrises for us to do so, we’re going to grab on to it. This will hopefully be in the form of touring an album in the not too distant future… 


What can people expect from your performance at Krank’d Up this year?

We have a couple of surprises in store for Krank’d Up, one of these will include a certain guest joining us on stage, with a certain song he featured on. I’m sure there are a few people who will connect the dots there. Fans can always expect us to put 100% into making our performance as big and powerful as we possibly can! 



If you were to collaborate with any one of the acts on the Krank’d Up lineup, (apart from Greg Van Kerkhof) who would it be and why?


That’s a tough decision for us, as there are so many awesome acts this year!

Although I AM would probably be a perfect fit with us and would add a very interesting element to a collaboration. Possibly another Red Helen collaboration, this time maybe with Erick or Brandon. 

What are you most looking forward to about Krank’d Up 2017?

We’ve attended every Krank’d Up so far and there has never been a dissapionting one. As fans we’re excited to see how the internationals play the songs we’ve grown to know in a live set. As a band we’re just ecstatic to be making our Krank’d Up debut. 

What would you like to see/see more of at South African festivals?

Us!… Just a Joke… We just want to see the scene grow. Not have the same bands playing every single festival. South African festivals are a canvas for South African fans to see an array of different local bands that they wouldn’t expect to see or enjoy (New and old, heavy and mild) whilst they prepare for the headline acts.




Taking place on Saturday, 30th September 2017 at Sundowners, Alberton and featuring 2 highly acclaimed international acts along with 19 of SA’s best alternative acts across two stages, Krank’d Up 2017 should not be missed.

Tickets available from Computicket or


Memphis May Fire
Red Helen
State Society
My Columbine
Mezzanine Floor
Held On Till May
After Robot
Maximum Carnage
You, Me and the Harmony
Savage Lucy
De Wallen ( Band )
Mad God

Interviewed by: Sammy SF

Date: 27 September 2017


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