Deadline [Single Review]

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Led by the effervescent, high flying Frontman Jessy Switchblade, Deadline have undergone a few core changes during the pandemic, but have now solidified their line up around guitarists Judge Mental and The Skullprit (the last original member along with Jessy), bassist Damian Dread and percussionist and back up vocalist Wrighteous Mike. The quintet is hellbent on bringing the nostalgia, exuberance, and blood thirsty passion of the 80’s without necessarily pigeonholing themselves in one sole genre. Their music transcends genres, it transcends generations, it’s an ode to the decade that changed us forever. Sit down in your Lamborghini Countach, strap your seat belt, and let their crashing drums, pulsating bass rhythms, bright neon guitar riffs and screeching vocals take you back to your glorious metallic past! “Vitriol Inc” will be out early 2023!’

But enough about that! What’s this new single all about? “This song is based on the story of Prometheus, who stole the fire from the Gods and gifted it to mankind,” says Switchblade. “It’s about the free thinkers, those who spread hope, those with forethought, those who question everything and take action against what they’re told and what they’re forced to believe. This song is dedicated to them, to us, to the tragic hero roaming planet earth.”

Who doesn’t love a bit of ancient storytelling re-imagined into a modern context?? And Deadline have nailed it on the head with this track. You have to check it out (link to the music video below) and let the good times roll as we start this year off positively for SA Metal in general!