[NEWS]DeamHorth drop a new music video for ‘Dementia’

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Johannesburg based progressive metal two-piece, DeamHorth, have just dropped a live music video from their recent show at Rumours Rock City.


This seemingly unknown duo have been a hot topic of conversation at The Metalist za headquarters in recent weeks, as they seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. Both Greg Coles (drums) and Dean Barreto (Guitars) have played in some pretty well known bands (Fever Dogs, Only Forever…) but it seems DeamHorth is the catalyst for their true expression.


Even though it was started as an online project with the sole intention of expressing and showcasing their passion for music, it seems to be growing into something more, with a full-length album dropping this winter. DeamHorth encourage anyone who is interested in a collaboration to join them in their mission of expression.


Check out their music video below and let us know what you think?