The Southern Invasion 2016’s musicians might not sell albums in the hundreds anymore, but they definitely sell tickets and put on an energetic show! The Southern Invasion tour took place in Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Alberton and Joburg.


12592614_951028158351300_157587459934370331_nThe rock and metal cross-genre show that took place on Saturday 2 April at Rumours in Joburg was a collaborative effort between Joburg and Cape Town based bands. The incredible line-up comprised of Hope Is For Heroes, With Dawn, Atlantic South, All Will Fall, Skårlit, State Society and Man As Machine.

Things kicked-off early afternoon at Rumours with Hope Is For Heroes taking to the stage. The 17H00 timeslot wasn’t the best and that resulted in a very tiny audience but the band weren’t too concerned and gave it their all – as any good band should. Picking-up the pace after that were With Dawn. Despite the small crowd around the stage – With Dawn were immeasurably cool and they played with vigour. Seeing as it was their last gig after four long (long) days, other musicians present at the show joined them on stage for their last track. Nonetheless, everybody was in good spirits after that set.

Skårlit brought some attitude (and dare I say it, sex appeal) to the stage with their punk rock style. The band isn’t a regular on the gig circuit but they managed to tear down gender stereotypes, point out feminist issues and bring back the riot grrl movement in one show. The crowd were enthralled by Skårlit and handing out fizz pops to the crowd was a winning idea. Atlantic South then go12670531_951028575017925_1289872719009795232_nt a chance to wield guitars, pound the drums and ooze awesome to the crowd. By this time, people were pulling into Rumours and the atmosphere began to peak. The band had finesse and their interactive stage presence earned them a rocking stamp of approval.

Things cooled down for a bit while State Society set-up on stage. They’re no strangers on the scene and can definitely win over a crowd in mere seconds. The beard-core pop rock band put on a solid and compelling show that proved they’re seasoned pros with their chops together. The atmosphere was charged with promise and rightly so as All Will Fall took to the stage. The riff-kicking band pulled off a fresh and fantastic gig and it was a delight to see the crowd fist pumping to the music. Last but not least Man As Machine closed the night with a refreshing performance. The fleet-fingered finesse of the guitarists and the thundering drummer were positively tremendous. And not forgetting the multi-ranged vocalist that brought down the house. The band had a lot of energy on stage and the crowd matched their vigour – swaying, jumping and singing along.

The Southern Invasion tour 2016 ended in Joburg but for those who were able to get a glimpse of the touring bands, you’d agree that the shows were fresher than a nun’s daisy scented underwear.



Reviewed by: Lav Nandlall (more from Lav)

Shots Fired by: Schutte (more from Schutte)

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Date: 6 April 2016