[EVENT REVIEW] Halloween Horror at Rumours Lounge

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EVENT: Halloween Horror
VENUE: Rumors Lounge
EVENT DATE: 31 October 2020
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Johannesburg


Capgras Delusion
Sunken State
Facing The Gallows


It’s Saturday the 31 st of October 2020 – almost 9 Months since level 1 lockdown was initiated in South Africa to stop the spread of the Coronavirus – but more importantly, it is my first gig since Ramfest, I’m STOKED.

And so was every single other person who attended this gig, the atmosphere was almost indescribable, everyone was just so elated to finally be out again with a small sense of normality back in the air. I saw old friends (and was one of the old friends) seeing each other after months of being apart, there were happy tears and huge smiles all around. On the dance floor during the bands sets we saw shirtless mosh pits and epic stage dives, people absolutely losing their minds, almost everyone dressed to kill for the special event – We saw Edwina Scissorhands, Oogie Boogie, The Flintstones and Scooby and the gang (shout out to Sunken State and Facing The Gallows for the most epic group cosplay/ dress up that I’ve ever seen), everyone looked amazing, I couldn’t keep up with how many awesome costumes there were, judging the  costume competition was definitely a tricky one!

Now what this atmosphere did to the attendees was not the highlight for me, oh no, what this atmosphere did for the bands is what was most amazing. I have watched all the bands that played today perform at least once, and I have never in my life been to a gig where every single band brought the most to their set like this, the energy exuding off of the stage flowed in to the pits and in to the guests like nothing I have ever seen before.

Our bands have been stuck away from all their fans for so long, doing live streamed performances with no crowd, I can imagine that the experience they got performing for this crowd tonight was something a non-musician like me could probably never understand, but what I did understand is that everyone had a blast on stage and it showed big time! I mean, when can you ever go to a local gig and get the crowd singing along to bands songs at the top of their lungs?! Usually only at sold out stadium concerts, but not today, today we got big time, stadium level performances from each band. What a show, I do say bravo gents!

Over all, this was definitely one of the highlights of my year and I am so grateful to haveattended this gig with all the beautiful people that were there. A big thank you to Emalyth for hosting the event – the decorations were awesome and my condolences that the rain quite literally blew away all of your guys hard work – you did an incredible job despite the weather doing it’s thing, I’m giving you a round of applause as I type this.It is also very comforting to see rumors back up and doing their thing – you scared us all there for a minute 😉 To all the other local musicians who came to support the other local bands who were performing, your guys support for one another is unwavering and so heartwarming, I am so happy that the scene has not changed and is arguably better than ever. Thank you all, for everything!


Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Claire Joanna Fuller
Photography by: Claire Joanna Fuller