SEPTEMBER 30, 2017



”I know I speak for everyone when I express my immense gratitude to the wonderful folks at Turning Tricks Entertainment for organising this event, and the guys in INTERVALS and MEMPHIS MAY FIRE  for taking the time to come to our humble little tip of Africa.”


It’s hotter than hell’s kitchen in Sundowners, Alberton and no matter how much sunscreen one squirts on the exposed body – there will be flaming scars. The heat sting and the ears burn but the headbanging never ceases because from 12am to 12pm, it’s time to get Krank’d Up.


“How are you so calm and collected?” I asked Krank’d Up chief organiser Duncan Bell. He gives a shrug and smiles. “It’s all going smoothly and everyone is here,” he tells. He’s right, everyone is here. There’s young supervised metal children (parenting done right!), popular faces from the alternative crowd as well as bands from across all genres in South Africa.

No matter what your taste in music is – Krank’d Up has catered for you.


There are two stages; the cooler indoor stage dubbed the Hunter’s stage by the refreshing sponsors and the large outdoor stage appropriately called the Monster stage (Not just because it is sponsored by the energy drink, but because of it’s monstrous audio/visual ability). The 19 bands were split between the two stages and as a general observation – each band gave it their all.


While The Metalist za crew were putting together interviews, snapping memorable photographs and creating social media hype – there were times when it was tools down to go watch a band. Local bands such as De Wallen, Mad God, Albinobeach, Savage Lucy, Mezzanine Floor, After Robot and I Am completely impressed.

The vibe, the energy and the not-so-secret dreams of becoming the next ‘big thing’ were seemingly real. In fact, De Wallen had some juicy scoop to share but we’re remaining tight-lipped until the end of October 2017.


There were a number of bands that made their Krank’d Up debut such as Deadline, CMR, Coldfield, Held On Till May and You, Me and The Harmony. It was easy to see that their nerves were ticking but when they got up on stage it was a now or never mentality. They owned the stage and the crowd ate it all up.


Other local bands with massive followings and prolific experience with international crowds such as Vulvodynia and Megalodon had every single audience member wrapped around their finger. Their bone-crushing music was worth every spilled beer and Sunday neck ache.


For some, bands like OhGod and Red Helen – this isn’t their first rodeo. I was standing next to a teenage boy in the moshpit during Red Helen’s set who proudly sang every lyric and mimicked every riff as if it was his job to do so. As my friend poetically puts it “And soothing my soul, during the set of Red Helen, as the rain started coming down”. It drizzles every year at Krank’d Up but it never ever dampens the mood.


Unfortunately, what did tip the mood was a technical glitch during My Columbine’s set when the power source went off. Luckily the band were quite understanding and still continued to play  while their fans showed unwavering support.


As we now know, Krank’d Up, brings out glorious headliners every year and this year it was Intervals and Memphis May Fire. My encounter with both bands have been far and few but that changed at Krank’d Up. I can’t gush because it’s unprofessional but I will tell you this much…I’m unashamedly listening to both bands on repeat.

The riveting melody from Intervals, the vibrant on-stage presence from Memphis May Fire and the ability to control the high energy atmosphere at any given time is what makes these headliners so special.


For some, it’s just a show but for others it’s the beginning of a life-long conversation…


Reviewed by: Lav Nandlall

Shots fired by: Schutte

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