[EXTENDED PLAY REVIEW] Dragged Under – This Holiday from the album Christmas Rocks

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ARTIST: Dragged Under
EP TITLE: This Holiday
RELEASE DATE: 13 November 2020
CITY: Seattle
GENRE: Punk Rock


Anthony Cappocchi (Vocals)
Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals)
Sean Rosario (Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals)
Hans Hessburg (Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals)
Kalen Anderson (Drums)


Dragged Under is at it again, making me think more deeply about things with another
awesome banger! And this time it’s Christmas themed – but not in the way you think…

At first I felt really sad that one of my most favourite bands was poo-pooing my 2nd favourite holiday (because Halloween will always win), but then I remembered something… I used to despise Christmas just as much as they do in this song, so I took a step back and listened again and man, I understand!

Christmas can be a very difficult time for some people for various reasons and for those working over Christmas, it can be a very stressful time. The awful Christmas music playing in November, the “savings” that aren’t actually real savings for the consumer, the absolute disregard for the fact that retail workers are all humanbeings and are the ones providing you and yours with their Christmas cheer – it comes as no surprise why many people absolutely hate Christmas. Instances like this really resonated with me while listening to this song.

The upbeat riffs and drum beat really make me want to march down to my local mall and gleefully set a display tree on fire while laughing manically. Dragged Under really have a way of making such upbeat catchy songs with dark meaning behind them – I. LOVE. IT! A comment on the lyric video being done really well – their video editor has really gone
above and beyond on the lyric video animations for this song. The animation follows the
lyrics of the song to a T and changes tone when the song does – it was very entertaining to watch!

In closing, I want to thank Dragged Under again for making me think a bit further and dig a little deeper when listening to a song that has so many underlying emotions behind it. You guys really rocked it!


Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Claire Joanna Fuller
Photography/Artwork by: Josh Gillespie (Lyric Video)