Fourth Son South – Machine

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South African rockers Fourth Son South are back with an EP titled Machine. The Rock band founded by
Peter Toussaint in 2018 as a solo project, it later evolved into a four piece with in addition of Franco
Jamneck on bass, Dale McHardy on Rhythm Guitar and Carel Viljoen on drums and have been successful
in making a name for themselves representing South Africa in a festival held in Argentina and Italy.
The EP opens with the Blues laced, “Not a machine”; along with the Bluesy elements is a sound similar
to that of early Foo Fighters. The follow up song is titled; “Power to the people” a protest song that
tackles many of South Africa’s issues has a strong guitar solo.
Track three is the remix to their single, “Hold on” that was released in July of 2021. “ Hold on” is a song
of hope that reminds listener’s to keep their heads above water and to prevail despite challenges that

may arise, “ Hold on don’t let go, hold on it will show, you will never know. Hold on” sings Toussaint
showcasing his strong vocal ability.
Fourth Son South have elected to take on themes that apply to everyone in society, their success in this
way makes for an inviting EP but the star element of this project is the subtle way in which this band
explores different genres. “Sea of life” brings forth punk elements and illustrates Viljoen’s capability as a
drummer. The album closes with “Tomorrow’s better” which is the perfect way to close off an EP meant
to inspire a positive message. This time the guitarist shines along with the strong vocal performances
from both Toussaint and featured artist, Thinking Feet’s Melissa Osbourne.
All in all Machine is a well written and well executed Extended Play. The care consideration to convey
the times we live in a delicate manner is commendable.
Reviewed by Refiloe Mathelela