[LOCAL SONG REVIEW] Human Nebula “Andromeda”

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Hold onto your hats because this monster of a track will roll you over quickly. The boys from from Human Nebula are back, here to drop their latest single. Brace yourself!

The track opens up slowly with a rising lead line and percussion, that explode into this fast, technical headbanger. Drums lock in the groove and is layered with melodic runs between the breaks before the vocals kick in; mean and versatile, yet still poetic in nature.The chorus brings a lovely uplifting change up, adding soothing clean vocal to top it off and the first lead line to guide it back around to break some heads.


The energy slows, and we are greeted in a jazzy Fusion  by featuring guitarist Lwandile, who smoothly slides into the mix and dances in the ambience. The pace picks ups and we’re thrust into some intense shred, (now by Tim) in this powerful crescendo.After one final chorus the break at the end that comes out of nowhere is heavy, dissonant and blunt; killer note to end on.The video is also extremely cool. The band jamming, the galaxies, the the freedom from chains. Its an awesome visual accompaniment to the story at heart and i believe it was captured quite well.


This is only the second single to come from this project and the energy is unreal. These guys have a lot of fight in them, and they’re only warming up!


Members: Gareth Reed; Kyle Botha; Tim Lotter, Dale McHardy, and Gavin Grobbler. ft Lwandile Prusent.


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