[INTERNATIONAL INTERVIEW] Getting Krank’d Up with SikTh

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Photo Credit: Gobinder Jhitta

British progressive metal band SikTh will be headlining this year’s Krank’d Up Festival. Take a look at what vocalist, Mikee Goodman, had to say ahead of their South African debut alongside Miss May I.


Coming up on 20 years in the game, can you comment on how much (or how little) the scene has changed since then and also where you see it going in the years to come?


A lot has changed, the internet was in its early stages when we formed but as soon as people started downloading music for free I could see the music industry falling. It’s sad to see how it has but on the other side because of the internet we can come and play places like South Africa, India and Nepal. So there are many sides to it, the scene has changed through the ages. Different genres get bigger then it moves on etc. People are still just as passionate for music at shows though.


After your hiatus starting around 2007, what gave the spark to return and do you feel their was a new maturity within the dynamics of the members?


I think the amount of people asking for us to come back. The amount of promoters asking for shows was something that made us all think more about it. We didn’t realise our music would reach so many.



What were the main influences in forging the manic sound and barrage of sonic attacks that SikTh us known for?

I think the strive for originality, to be innovative and to create something exciting.


Call me crazy, but I find your music to be quite theatrical so I’ve often wondered if there are pieces of literature, plays or even movies that influence the songs?

If you mean lyrically, it is often just life which influences the concepts of songs. Instrumentally I can not say what influences them but I do see what you mean, we do have a theatrical side.


Did you ever think that you would be among the bands that literally forged a new genre – a genre that has taken off with huge support and seemingly has no boundaries?

Well we wanted to make our own sound, just didn’t know how far it would go.


Where do you see this type of music going in the future? How does it get more extreme than where it is already?

Our sound should get more experimental on the next album if we are to make one.


There are 6, 7, 8, 9 and probably 10-string guitars out there now… Where does it end?

I’m not sure, that’s not a question I can answer.


As one of the spearheads of the genre, if it had not been called “djent” or “prog-metal”, what name would you give it?


I am fine with whatever they call it, it’s nice that a lot of people are influenced by us and the other pioneers of technical and progressive metal. If people want to say Djent that is fine.


SikTh has played all around the world and headlined numerous festivals etc. How do you feel about finally getting the opportunity to play in South Afruca? Have any of you been to our foot of the continent before?


I don’t think anyone in the band has been to South Africa yet – its a great honour to be able to play there. Amazing for us to be invited.


Let’s get a bit silly. If the band was one of the big five (lion. leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo), which one would it be?




Should we really be thinking about Mars settlement?


Yes, we need to explore space.


If you could change one thing in the band’s history, what would it be?


Tour the world extensively back in 2003-2007


Thanks for your time – we will see you in September!


Interviewed by:

Kevin Rule

Answered by:

Mikee Goodman (Vocalist)




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