[INTERNATIONAL INTERVIEW] Dreamshade returns to South Africa in February 2019

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Swiss melodic/metalcore band Dreamshade is returning to South Africa for the second time since 2014. Kevin Cali and Luca Magri discuss their upcoming return tour, their general experiences as a touring band and their plans for the future.


Welcome back to South Africa – we are so excited to have you here again! What can fans expect from these upcoming shows that are different to your last shows here?

Luca: Thank you so much! Since the last time we were there, we’ve released a new album called Vibrant and also a new single “On My Own”. The crowd is going to experience a whole new kind of show with these new songs and mainly they’re going to have so much fun with us and we will with them.


What do you look forward to the most when touring internationally?

Luca: Always meeting new people and leaving them with a night to remember.

Kevin: Each tour gives us different emotions and makes us grow as people. You are confronted with different cultures, places and situations and each trip is a surprise. You learn so many things on the road and you get to know yourself and those around you better. You see things with different eyes and you realize how good it is to do what we do. Bring your art anywhere in the world and make people feel good with your music is priceless! We keep within us a piece of every place where we have been and I find it fantastic to leave a piece of us in the hearts of our fans.


What is the wildest thing you’ve seen or done on tour, both locally and internationally?

Kevin: I remember that one of the craziest things that happened to us was during our Eastern Europe tour in 2013. We had three gigs in Poland and we were moving to Belarus where we were waiting for another show. I remember that we arrived at customs around 4:00 pm and until 1:00 am, then 9 hours, we were stuck there for some absurd checks, thus losing the show. It was really a heart breaking day. We were sorry for the people who were waiting for us and who had bought the ticket. We were just one kilometre from the venue but could do nothing about it. It was really sad! Another situation that made me uncomfortable was during our first Asian tour in 2015. It was before the Tokyo show (Sold-out). I ate some fermented beansprouts called “Natto” that maybe my stomach didn’t assimilate well. Just a few minutes before going on stage I began to have strong stomach cramps, I was almost shitting myself, hahaha. I had to run to the bathroom to avoid going on stage and making a big mess! Guys please, shhh.! Don’t tell anyone!


What has been your biggest challenge as a band and to what do you attribute your success as a band thus far?

Luca: Well… One word can reply to both questions: PERSEVERANCE. It’s a well known word that sounds easy but it’s definitely hard sometimes, especially in the modern age, maintain that. You’ve all got to aim at the same goal in order to make even just a little step forward in you career!

Kevin: We are five different people, with different personalities. I find that success as a band is also due to knowing how to be together. It seems trivial but in the years you learn to know your team mates, you learn to work together and make everything work as productively as possible. There are not always easy moments and it is in those cases that you see what kind of strength and bond there is within the band. Being and working together to reach a common place I think is a great weapon to face every day challenges.


You’ve played festivals such as Summer Breeze. Which festivals are still on your bucket list to play?

Kevin: Wacken maybe? There are many cool festivals where we have not yet played. We want to play everywhere and bring our music to as many people as possible. We are always ready for any experience and challenge. We hope that 2019 will bring us a lot of new gigs and festivals in places where we have not yet been.


What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?

Kevin: Hard question…In my opinion there are several of our songs that are really strong and with a personality out of the ordinary. To mention one would remove one’s merits from another. But I will tell you that lately I was listening to two songs in particular that I like very much. The songs are called “The Gift of Life” and “Late Confessions” from the album The Gift of Life. I find they have really strong songwriting. The guitar riffs are so phrenetic but well executed and powerful lat the same time. The well structured vocal lines blend well with the prog structure of the pieces. They really give me the charge during this period. Seeing is believing 😉


Name 3 bands you would like to tour with and why?

Kevin: I don’t know exactly. I would say it would be very cool to go on tour with so many bands. I would try to space as much as possible and also go with bands that belong to other musical realities. See, for example, our forth coming European tour supporting Don Broco and Emarosa. In this way you have the possibility to have a really varied audience. We need to break down some barriers and stereotypes we have fallen into. Any musical style can be for everyone!


What song(s) immediately grabbed you the moment you heard them?

Kevin: Our new single “Question Everything”.


What are Dreamshade’s plans and goals for the future?

Luca: A world tour… New releases… Lots of fun!


What advice would you give to a young band just starting out today?

Luca: Just have fun! It’s all about that.


Interviewed by:

Natalie Cowling

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