Greek symphonic death metal band, Septicflesh will be joining the massive lineup at Witchfest 2015 as Witchdoctor Productions prepare to host the biggest metal festival african has seen. The Metalist za were lucky enough to have caught up with Christos Antoniou, (founding member and guitarist) as he gears up for South Africa.


 Witcfest ’15 Pictures

11140753_761479677306150_2489691197830210131_nWhat are you guys most looking forward to about the show?

We are looking for a new experience visiting such a beautiful country for the first time. It will be an amazing festival with a great variety of bands accompanied by a “crazy” crowd.


What made you decide to tour SA and play Witchfest?

Our manager is Maurizio from Kataklysm and they performed last year in South Africa. He told us so many good words about the crowd the energy the country. Also Fleshgod Apocalypse shared with us their experience from their shows there. As you can understand there was only one choice. To be part of this festival.

What have you heard about the SA metal scene, if anything, and what are you expecting from the show?

As I said in the beginning I am expecting the best. It would be an ecstatic show full of tension and energy.

You recently released your ninth studio album, Titan. What was the driving force behind this album and what has the reception been like so far?

The desire of creation is always a challenging chapter for us. We follow our instinct and we always try to experiment searching for new paths for our expression. Titan it has a strong and qualitative entity and is not a replica of Communion or the Great Mass. It is our best moment till now, a step forward for the band and we are really very pleased and vindicated from the reception both from our fans and the press.

Will you be watching some of our local bands, and if so, which are you most interested to see?

Of course, if we have some time definitely we will.

What are your plans for the future?11164557_761479400639511_734001428787098019_n

We will tour as much as possible in order to promote the new album. Next confirmed tours are in Greece, in Europe with Moonspell, Inferno Festival and of course Witchfestfestival in South Africa in 5th of April. Then we rest for 2 weeks and we go to Mexico for a show with Moonspell and a USA/CANADA tour for the 3rd time in less than a year again with Moonspell and Deathstars. There are also some festivals in the summer like Graspop etc.

There are some talks for a European Headline tour in the next season.

Who would win in a fight between Wolverine and The Hulk?


Interviewed by: Chelsea Mulock-Bentley
Shots Fired by: Imagine Photography
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Date: March 2015


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