The Metalist za catches up with Swedish band Acidiun to find out more about them… 



I caught up with the band via Skype on a cold chilly afternoon from the Joburg zoo. (What would we do without technology?) Acidiun picks up and we start small talk about the weather, last night’s gig in Uppsala and of course music.

So, tell me a bit about the band?

“ Well, we started back in 2008 with a different line-up – when we were teenagers – and now we’re in our late 20s. We started the band for a bit of fun and nothing to do actually. We wanted to have some fun and play some music,” chortles drummer Lukas.

Like most bands, Acidiun went all out for some fun but exercising their fingers on guitar strings became serious business and now the young Swedish band are busy in the studio prepping an album set for release in 2017.  Adds Lukas, “We’re writing an album at the moment. We’re halfway through the album and it’s going very well. We have four or five songs now. It’s quite mature – the songs, the lyrics and the writing.” The 5-piece band; Oliwer (Vocals), Axel (Guitar), Carl (bass), Erik (Guitar) along with Lukas are all pitching in during the album process. Explains Lukas, “The band makes music together; we all try to contribute so everyone is involved in the writing sessions. We never write music on the computer – we always write about things that mean something to us in an emotional way.” Well, there are always creative differences when a 5-piece band all have creative input but Acidiun assure me that their input variesLukas Adler Carlsten because their influences are vastly different. “We take influence from music we enjoy but that’s not our starting point…The influence varies because we’re all so different and we listen to different things and find inspiration in different genres,” continues Lukas.

Acidiun and I chat about bands that they have been listening to and enjoy nabbing influences from and then we land on the genre of their music. Acidiun at best can be described as death/metalcore. Why this genre? Lukas waxes poetical, “We feel like the raw energy of the music fuels our enthusiasm and the energy of it lights a spark in us.”

When the spark is lit, there’s no turning back and it seems Acidiun are on their way to light the fire in the biggest and craziest of metal hearts.

Interviewed by: Lav Nandlall (more from Lav)

Date: 4 July 2016

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