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RELEASE: 5 March 2021


GENRE: Death metal

Hardcore Spanish band BONECARVER return with a new album called ‘Evil’; this is their first full length project under their new name and new label, Unique Leader.    The band formerly known as Cannibal Grandpa is far more brutal on this project compared to anything on their previous releases, along with the name change is a seemingly reborn band, and it shows in the sound.  The album follows on with the band’s fascination with serial killers with the inspiration for it being infamous cannibal and murderer, Albert Fish.  Evil, unlike 2017’s, ‘Septum Signa Inferno’, the album has no features and a barely there featuring of a deathcore sound with the focus purely being on a death metal/slam sound, this cements the band’s metamorphosis.  Opening track and lead single, ‘Revolver’ sets the tone for what the remainder of the album will be, a fast, frantic and sometimes eerie experience, rather chillingly the song after all the high power elements ends with a call to the police on which someone confesses to murdering their family. The album offers hard and fast illustrations of brutality that are accompanied by brilliantly produced pig squeals.  Much of the album pays homage to 90’s and 2000s death metal with occasional splashes of symphonic and electronic music sounds.  They illustrate this marriage of sounds perfectly on, ‘MALLEVS MALEFICARVM’, ‘Nest of traitors’, ‘Scythe’ and ‘Moon maniac’.

Overall, ‘Evil’ is a brilliant offering from BONECARVER, the only remnants of cannibal grandpa on this project is the twisted spirit of Albert Fish ascending to inject the capacity needed to make such a powerful album.  BONECARVER are certainly born anew and have proved it adequately, there are little to no shortfalls on this album though some songs like, ‘The blacksmith’s massacre’, ‘overtorture’ and ‘Wormhole’ tend to be forgettable in comparison to everything else on the album. The closing track on the album is the titular track called, ‘Evil’ that works to reinforce the menacing elements of the album. It reminds clearly the listener of what they’ve just listened to and experienced so it stays with them for a while. ‘ Evil’ is a signifier of a band that has matured immensely since its inception in 2015,with an already established reputation and having shared the stage with the likes of, Here Comes The Kraken they are sure to expand their fan base with this album whilst older fans will be left excited for this rebirth and wanting more from BONECARVER.

Rating: 8/10


Reviewed by Refiloe Mathelela