[International News ] New Single Devil Sold His Soul

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ARTIST: Devil Sold His Soul
SONG: Beyond Reach
RELEASED: 11 December 2020

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

The wait is finally over!

It’s been SIX years since UK Post-Hardcore legends Devil Sold His Soul released new music, but they’ve clearly been brewing on some amazing work.

While their next album “LOSS” will only be released in April 2021, these genre-bending pioneers have released the first single and music video for the song entitled ‘Beyond Reach’, and it packs a helluva punch. Blending all the vibes that fans of this band have come to love, such as heavy guitar tones, luscious expanding soundscapes backed up by the harshest screaming and the most melodious singing, this track is truly a positive step. With original vocalist Ed Gibbs back in the band after leaving in back in 2013, he now compliments his replacement Paul Green as they back and forth much to the delight of this reviewer.

Not only is the song itself a triumph, but huge kudos must go to the production that guitarist Johnny Renshaw and his studio Bandit Studios have polished for us. Immense quality and tones all round. The video (shot, directed and edited by Life is Art Visuals) is  fantastically bright band performance with a slight twist.


Just check it out here: https://youtu.be/OhiSiNt-MDI
reviewed by:Kevin Rule