[International Review] ΛΔΛΜ Sun Venerate Industries

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Artist: ADAM 

Album title: Sun

Release date: 4 June 2021

Country: Greece

 After getting 200 000 streams Greek band ADAM have released a physical edition of their album, “Sun”. The release follows the band’s venture with Venerate Industries.  The ambitious project offers a union of grunge, psychedelic and alternative metal.  In places Sun gives an impression that you’re going back in time to a venue in the 90s to watch grunge show whilst staying firmly aware of the present and future. Album opener, “And then there was sun” is a smooth introduction to an album that effortlessly elevates with each song whilst effortlessly giving  difference glimpses of the band’s interpretations of hope and their ability to explore different genres. Infectious lead single, “Super Silver Haze” is perhaps the crown jewel of this record. “The stars in the sky, they call to me I’m out of my mind” croons Takis on a song that brings to mind all at once Deftones and Soundgarden. That this album is self-produced is something of a feat, every aspect of it is incredibly clean and showcases the abilities of a band that has a very bright future. “Enter oblivion” is a clever way to lead listeners into the “MONOLITH” trilogy, the epic end of the album which tells the tale of a psychedelic trip. The journey begins with, “phase #1: As Above” a song about hopelessly waiting for someone or something that’ll will never arrive.  “Phase #2 – So Below” is an expansion of this waiting that ends with an acceptance of something never coming but with a glimmer of hope, “Until it shines again awaiting your return, a shadow in the dying light. Goodbye.”  The album closes with a song that brings everything together, “Phase#3 – Eclipse” is the final statement the band makes on this record, it also serves to signify a come down from the psychedelic trip, given the title,  it may be better to say it’s a return to earth from a trip to the sun. The concept of hope can be heard throughout the entire project, “Sun” is definitively successful attempt at a concept album. The band has proven itself more than worthy of astronomical successful with an experimental fusion of sounds that is sure to take listeners through different decades and emotions. This record comes highly recommended.

Watch a video for “Super Silver Haze

Rating- 9/10

Reviewed by Refiloe Mathelela

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