International Review Bound in Fear – Penance


Band: Bound In Fear
Country: United Kingdom
Album Title: Penance
Label: Unique Leader
Genre: Deathcore
Release Date: 15 October

Band Members:
Vocals – Ben Mason
Guitar – Ben Sutherland
Guitar – Steven Hunt
Bass- Keir Campbell
Drums – Alex Richins

Following the release of their EP Eternal earlier in the year, bound in Fear are back with second full
length album titled, Penance. “Penance is a natural successor to our 2021 EP Eternal and explores how
feelings and hopelessness can develop into something more foreboding and lingering while Eternal
focused on inward emotions and root causes of trauma, Penance is what happens when those emotions
are forced outwards.” The band explains. The ten track project is an amalgamation of all the growth
done by the UK band since their debut titled The Hand of Violence in 2019. The band was formed in
2016 and has come a long way making a name for them in the European scene. They signed to Unique
Leader Records in 2016.
The album opens with (De)scendence a song that does well to introduce to the listener the band’s
flirtation with electronic music features Jamie Graham who is Heart Of A Coward’s ex vocalist. The
titular track featuring Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution and epitomizes what extreme metal is as well as
paints a clear picture of what the album’s theme is. “Pain is my penance life is my sin seeking my
vengeance will I ever find my peace?” The album does well in being concise with its theme; Scar of Man
is a hard, fast and eerily aggressive demonstration of frustration that’s pointed outward – “I cry for
Liberation for the masses”, a clear request for retribution the song features Kevin Muller. The song is
driven by a strong bass line. The highlight of the album is Beyond the Mire with heavy guitars and
electronic components provides a gloomy sounding track that showcases the absolute best about Ben
Mason and the band’s guitarists. The album is incredibly angsty and this is continually displayed on
songs such as Adreneline, Cutthroat and Sadist. NU11 features Taylor Barber of Left to Suffer and is
driven by heavy drumming and guitars, it may prompt the listener to have nostalgia for heavier music
made in the 2000s. No Polarity closes the album out and is another highlight on this album it may bring
to mind While She Sleeps’ music. Penance is overall a solid effort by Bound in Fear; it is a well-crafted
combination of many elements to make for an invigorating and well-crafted album that makes a great
project shine far beyond how well written it is. Bound in Fear continue to make their place as a force to
be reckoned with in the UK scene.

Below are links to music videos of songs on the album:
Bound in Fear – Penance feat. Nick Arthur (Official Video) – YouTube
Bound in Fear – Beyond the Mire (Official Video) – YouTube

Rating – 8/10
Reviewed by Refiloe Mathelela