[International Review] Osiah – LOSS

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Artist: Osiah

Album Name: Loss

Country: England

Genre: Deathcore

Release: 7 May 2021

 Following the success of 2019’s, “Kingdom of Lies”, Osiah is back with a Long Play titled, “Loss” the album is band’s third and their second under Unique Leader Records. The band has done well over the years in setting themselves apart from many of their peers by cleverly sticking to something familiar to the Deathcore genre and its fans whilst putting their own distinctive stamp on the genre through incorporation of aspects associated with other genres on songs. In many ways, “Loss” sounds like the band were competing with its self. And they delivered, they have outdone themselves releasing a solid project that shows their progress and introduces their new lineup.

Downtuned guitars, tempo changes and breakdowns are the order of the day throughout this album. It becomes abundantly clear what the band has grown significantly within the range of their overall sound and delivery. Listening to “Loss” feels at times like you’re being transported back to the golden age of Deathcore. Songs like,” Paracusia” and “War Within Our Walls” give you a sense of nostalgia for  that golden age whilst keeping you firmly fixated on what Osiah has to offer. Through the familiarity of a genre shines the ability to transcend genres on tracks like, “Celer at Audax” and “Already Lived” are standout songs in how well  this is done on this album.

“Loss” is an incredibly well structured album. It follows a path that takes the listener through a series of emotions in a way that seems effortless.  “Loss” is as put in the band’s own words, their, “Darkest record to date.” Opening song, “Realm of Misery” sets a somber tone helps does well in putting forth the general mood of this album – misery is what the album greets you with from start to finish.  “And so I fall, they’ll be no happy ending this time” proclaims vocalist Ricky Roper on “The Second Law”. The record carries melancholy, mourning and misery, the two lead singles for the record do well in conveying this too, “This place feels like home but there’s something wrong, I watch the shadows creep around me” is the last line of Temporal Punishment. The other lead single, “Eye of The Swarm” features Shadow of Intent’s vocalist Ben Duerr and serves as being one of the two songs on the album that feature a vocalist from another band. Titular track, “Loss” which features Ingested Jason Evans.  These features will undoubtedly serve to help garner the band attention.

There are many feats on this album, so much so that it becomes difficult to pin point anything lacking on this album. Osiah have done something tremendous in both elevating themselves and a genre, “Loss” is the best they’ve ever sounded. They’ve come a long way since 2012 and the only direction they will go now is up. “Loss” is a definite contender for album of the year, it is a well thought out and well executed album, all thirteen songs do well in selling Osiah as a brilliant and mature band with nothing but a bright future.

Rating 10/10

Reviewed by Refiloe Mathelela.