ARTIST: Rolo Tomassi
ALBUM: Where Myth Becomes Memory
RELEASE DATE: 4 February 2022

I only became aware of UK-based post-hardcore band Rolo Tomassi a few months ago, but to say that they’ve made an impact on my heart, mind and soul is an understatement. But before I get into what their sonic blasts of leg-quivering, heart-melting auric pleasures do to me, let’s delve into their history a bit.

Started by brother and sister combo James (keyboards and vocals) and Eva (vocals) , ROLO TOMASSI have spent 17 years leading the pack rather than following, and ‘Where Myth Becomes Memory’, sees them lead with more poise and determination than ever before. The new album serves as the final part in an unintended trilogy that began with 2015’s ‘Grievances’ and continued with 2018’s ‘Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It’, the most critically acclaimed album of the band’s career to date. Every album of theirs shows signs of growth, but ‘Where Myth Becomes Memory’ serves as a culmination of a period of creativity that has exalted them to their loftiest status so far as a band, with a singular vision where the most savage, unhinged sonics can co-exist harmoniously with epic cinematic elegance and grace.

Now onto the music; it’s kind of difficult to put your finger on it in terms of “oh it sounds like this”, because it really doesn’t. As soon as you say “well, I guess this sounds a bit like Devil Sold His Soul” it completely does a 180 to “well, actually it’s a bit like Keane now”. This is the absolute brilliance of this band – and this album in particular with their ability to pull your heart-strings with haunting piano melodies coupled with Eva’s soothing, sultry voice, and then rip your guts out with ferocious riffs and  black-metal screams.The pristine production on these tracks really and truly accentuates every solid hit and every calming touch – almost as if it’s another member of the band. Truly a work of art.

So, if you’re a discerning listener who doesn’t mind being taken on a winding journey through a perplexing labyrinth of dark and scary woods while riding a colourful unicorn, then you will love this.

I can’t recommend this enough. And while you’re at it, check out their back-catalogue as well.