[INTERNATIONAL SINGLE REVIEW] DORO Releases New Digital Single and Video Brickwall

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SINGLE NAME: Brickwall
RELEASE DATE: 31 July 2020
COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Hamburg
GENRE: Heavy Metal


Dorothee Pesch (Vocals)
Recorded with Andreas Bruhn (Ex-The Sisters of Mercy)


After only one and a half years after the release of her studio album Forever Warriors, Forever United, the Queen of Heavy Metal, Doro has dropped a new song from her new album that is due to be released in 2021. Doro explains that this song is supposed to “give my fans a taste of what it’s going to be like” and also that it “fits quite well with these dark times”. A super impressive feat coming from the first heavy metal artist to host a drive in concert during the COVID-19 Pandemic, truly giving the fans new hope in these trying times, and this new release is no different.


And boy, oh boy has she delivered! This power ballad release is truly a song from the heart and I think everyone can relate to it in some way or another. Weather it be loving a “difficult person” who is suffering from mental illness or loving someone through their physical ailments, you love that person through it all, no matter what. During 2020 I think we have all had to learn to be patient with one another and this song really captures the fire and the fight that burns within each of us when we are truly in love and committed to someone.


As always Doro’s powerful vocals send shivers down my spine, she really brings me back to when I first started listening to Metal music with my Dad when I was 10 – huge nostalgia trip and I LOVE IT! The absolutely gorgeous guitar solo really got me going – I had to listen to the song on repeat for about a day to get the hype out of my system.


If this song is anything to go by, her new album coming in 2021 is going to be an absolute banger! I’m sure all the diehard Doro fans can’t wait to see what she is going to bring them next! Wow, what a ride!


Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by: Claire Joanna Fuller

Photography/Artwork by: Jochen Rolfes



Watch the new video for ‘Brickwall’


  1. Dom

    Going to go give this track a listen right now! Thanks for the informative review, nice little fact thrown in there, super cool she’s hosting drive in concerts! Next level.