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ARTIST: Dragged Under
RELEASE DATE: 8 October 2020
COUNTRY: America
CITY: Seattle
GENRE: Punk Rock


Anthony Cappocchi – Lead Vocals
Ryan “Fluff” Bruce – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Kalen Anderson – Drums
Hans Hessburg – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Sean Rosario – Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals


As Dragged Under fans wait in anticipation for the Deluxe Edition of “The World Is In
Your Way (their very highly successful debut album) they have graced us with the lyric
video for “Feel It” – let’s talk about it!

Over all I usually find lyric videos a bit stale, just some lyrics on top of a background
image, but the video for “Feel It” takes music and lyric videos and puts them together,
the video was captivating and energetic and was a really nice visual to have under the
lyrics – well done to the production team involved!

“Feel It” as described by Tony (vocals) is a song that is meant to speak about wanting to
feel something for the first time again, whether it be a first love or kiss, the first taste of
a new meal, the first time you listened to a song or watched a movie – these are
moments in life that we can seldom get back or re-live which can be quite disappointing.
Despite the message behind the song it is mostly upbeat and lively – I feel this is very
much how we all feel in the beginning of a new relationship or experiencing something
new for the first time – we are excited and bubbly about everything in our lives because
of this one person/ experience. But then lyrically the song changes – we hear Tony
singing about how he’s lost someone because of a disagreement/ difference but the
songs tone remains the same. I may be blowing smoke but personally I feel as if on the
surface we all act as if we are fine with certain things but underneath we just wish
things would change back to the way they were – this song really speaks that message
to me.

The punk-pop chorus is met with an amazing solo by Ryan at around 2 minutes and I got
instant Goosebumps, man can this guy shred! The drum and bass line really
accompanied his solo well and rounded it off so nicely – I enjoy still being able to jump
to some drums during a solo, especially one like this with SO MUCH energy!

My final thoughts on the song/ lyrics as a whole – I totally get what they are saying
about wanting to re-live exciting moments and experiences, my only thing is that I truly
believe that our past failures and disappointments are what shape us as people – if we
dwell on trying to re-live the past it can become difficult to look to the future. However,
having nostalgia is never a bad thing, our happy memories are what make us too!
This song really made me think about how I feel about all the times I wish I could go
back and change everything, it made me realize that the past will always be the past,
but it made me excited to make new memories so that I can sing “I WANA FEEL IT
AGAIN” at the top of my lungs and mean it!

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Claire Joanna Fuller
Photography by: Sara Lindsey Photography