One of Cape Town’s most adored trash metal bands, Infanteria are about to drop their 2nd album ‘Where Serpents Conquer’ this weekend at ROAR and so far it has left every fanboy on the edge of their seat in anticipation after the release of, ‘Throes Of Fear’, the 1st singe off the album.

The Metalist za were lucky enough to catch up with Christopher Hall (Vox and Guitar) as he prepares to unleash this weekend.

Infanteria launch Pictures

1610975_807633759357408_5264269627236784712_nWhat are you most excited about your album launch?

With the first album, “Isolated Existence”, we released it at M4A Summerfest ’13 which was great, but there was obviously more attention on the festival rather than our album being launched. This time around it’s a night all about our album with our rules and we can play a nice long set and not have to worry too much about going overtime or anything. We can’t wait to see everyone there and have one big party.

What can fans expect from the show and the album itself?

Concerning the show, we’ve got a long set planned with new songs and old. Many bands just play new songs at their launch parties but our old songs are still fun to play and fans still always ask for them so it’s going to be a good mixture.


As for the album, it’s more diverse than “Isolated”. It isn’t just thrash song after thrash song. There are melodic songs, longer “proggy” pieces and heavier, groovier songs along with the thashier stuff we’re known for. We’re very proud of it.

What’s your favourite track and why?

That’s a very difficult question. It changes from day to day. All in all, I’d have to go with the last song on the album called “Runes In The Red Forest”. It’s an 8 minute epic which I’m extremely proud of. It has every aspect of Infanteria in one song.

What were the greatest difficulties in making this album?

We gave ourselves 6 months to record, mix and master the entire album. It might sound a lot but it was grueling. We have very high standards and everything had to be dead on so we had to really knuckle11752497_807635539357230_5745289807777552670_n down and get it all done in the time frame. Heinrich Kollner and Louis Henn were heroes too in getting the mix and master done in time and making it sound absolutely massive. Full credit to everyone.

Your launch was originally set for Mercury, sadly now closed down. What are your greatest memories of this legendary venue?

We were unfortunate to only play Mercury once at the beginning of this year but all of us had been to many shows there during the years and it was always a great place. We were very sad when we heard it was no more.

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Date: June 2015


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