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SINGLE NAME: Well Oiled Machine
RELEASE DATE: 29 June 2020
COUNTRY: United States
CITY: Los Angeles
GENRE: Hard Rock


Kurt Frohlich (Vocals, guitar)
Scotty Griffin (Guitar, backing vocals)
Kelly Nickels/Henri Perret (Bass, backing vocals, harmonica)
Steve Riley (Drums, percussion backing vocals)


I wonder if I would like Well Oiled Machine less if I didn’t hear it for the first time in a pandemic. L.A. Guns’ latest track is a welcome (and much needed) respite from a world in crisis.

Each element—the groove, the lyrics, and the cheek heard in both—is a testament to the pea-cocking that only rock stars are allowed to get away with. There’s a special anthemic quality to this song too, giving it all the makings of a classic.

To be fair, Well Oiled Machine’s strongest trump is also its biggest vice. The track, wonderful in its simplicity, may be a little too simple for some. Be warned: though it’s one Hell of a tasty jam, it’s repetitive. Very repetitive. I can’t judge too harshly, though. Well Oil Machined is meant to be chorused. It’s a song for the crowds. Read too deeply into it and it’s sure to lose its charm.

That said, this is what hard rock is supposed to sound like. It’s in your face, arrogant, and most importantly, fun. Just because it’s shitty outside, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a good time. L.A. Guns has done a stellar job of rebelling against the seriousness.


Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by: Kelly Damon