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[Album Review] Mr. Morgue ‘Necromutilomaniac’

ARTIST: Mr. Morgue
ALBUM NAME: ‘Necromutilomaniac’
RELEASE DATE: February 2016
COUNTRY: South Africa
CITY: Johannesburg, Roodepoort
GENRE:  Necrodustrial


Do you enjoy the darker things in life like, serial killers, necrophilia and sci-fi? Then look no further… Mr. Morgue explores the darker, uglier sides of life – should you be an antagonist looking for the perfect music to make your skin crawl. I would not suggest this album to the faint hearted.

Mr. Morgue was brought to life in the winter season of 2015 (you may recognise him as the guitarist from In Misery and Portraits of Flesh). He has baptised his sinister voice and backbeat as his own unique genre of ‘necrodustrial’. Spending more or less a month writing, tracking and mastering his debut album.

Listening to the first track on the album ‘Silicone Soulmate’ brought me back onto the dance floor of CCHQ with the synchronised guitar riffs and fast pace back beat of the drums and the base. The sound reminds you of something you would hear in the climax of a horror movie.  Furthermore listening to the lyrics of this song I believe he is singing of a twisted love story between a man and a corpse.

The theme of this album is clear throughout all the tracks (each song having its own “story” yet linking in to the master theme of the entire album). Track two ‘Gremlins’ and three ‘God of the Moths’ are both very much up beat although the lyrics describe one always being watched and flesh being eaten by moths.

Track seven presents as a surprise ‘…’ (This is the name of the track) Mr. Morgue paints a picture for me, of instrumental piano, nature, a fairy-tale like story without words and the most beautiful female voice. Like the calm in the middle of a hurricane. Bliss…

Each song gave me the feeling as if it were a different story or movie. The music composition in totality was excellent and the quality of the album pristine.

Not one dull track to be found throughout all 13 on the album, despite the sinister story lines of death and mutilation. I can easily see all previous fans of Attrition and Dark Noise attending a Mr. Morgue gig and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Should you wish to attend the debut gig of Mr. Morgue on 30 March 2018, you need to find yourself at The Good Luck Bar at 17h00 pm.


Event Link https://www.facebook.com/events/1433240500122769/




Reviewed by: Seiran Evanora Laveau

Shots supplied by: Mr. Morgue

Date: February 2018

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